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   Chapter 3351 The Fallen Immortal Cosmos Was Rebuilt

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Updated: 2020-06-29 00:37

"Well, for now, I will hide in this cosmos. Young man, you must not tell others of my whereabouts.

However, in case of an emergency, remember to take me with you when you leave.

I must not be left here alone!"

the chaotic world tree strictly warned Austin.

"Don't worry. I'll keep that in mind,"

Austin replied earnestly.

"All right. I believe you.

For the time being, I'll leave a strand of my aura in your Soul Sea so that you can sense my location at any time."

As the chaotic world tree finished speaking, it turned into a beam of light, rushed deep into the broken cosmos, and disappeared in an instant.

Before it left, Austin already felt the aura that it sent into his Soul Sea.

Only Austin was able to see the chaotic world tree so others didn't find anything unusual.

After the tree's disappearance, Austin perceived a strange sensation that the tree had already merged with the entire cosmos.

The cosmos was now enveloped with the aura of the chaotic world tree.

At the same time, the moment that the chaotic world tree merged with the cosmos, Austin also noticed that changes were already taking place in various areas of the cosmos.

The originally lifeless, cold, and withered cosmos was suddenly beginning to thrive again.

Warm energy was filling and flowing in it.

Strands of thin chaotic spiritual energy began to slowly seep into the depths of the cosmos through the space barrier.

In the boundless sky of the universe, several indistinct runes appeared. They were very mysterious and full of spiritual energy.

These turned out to be the runes of supreme enlightenment.

In this cosmos, the broken law of supreme enlightenment began to slowly emerge and recover at a fast rate.

The spiritual energy of heaven and earth started to slowly convalesce.

In the skies, it was visible that the densely packed space cracks were beginning to heal.

Even the broken stars and worlds were beginning to slowly regenerate and return to their original appearance.

'This is amazing!

This is all done by the chaotic world tree!'

Austin was both surprised and pleased at the positive changes in front of him.

"What is this? What's happening?

Our barren cosmos, the laws of supreme enlightenment, the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, and everything that was broken is slowly recovering!"

"Who's causing this miracle?!"

Not only Austin, but all the cultivators at the level of the sect ancestor and above quickly r

nd aura.

Since it had already merged into the cosmos, it could reach any location within the cosmos at any time.

"Yes, that's right,"

Austin replied.

"However, with just your strength, it will take a long time before you restore the law of this world. Let me help you then,"

the chaotic world tree insisted.

Then, the tree shook lightly as mysterious runes spread out in all directions.

For a brief moment, transparent and illusory chains of law power appeared one after another in the entire world. They swayed like thousands of seagrass as they surround the world.

Right there and then, Austin instantly felt that the laws of supreme enlightenment in the world were being restored and improved.

They combined their efforts and re-established the order of the world for two whole days.

Finally, after the second day, the entire cosmos was as new as it was reborn.

Most of the concentration of the law of supreme enlightenment and spiritual energy had been reinstated.

"This is great! Now, it won't take long before the Immortal End World restores all of its original appearance!"

Austin exclaimed in excitement.

"What do you mean by 'restore its original appearance'?

You're underestimating my ability young man.

Not only would it be restored, but this world will also become more and more advanced in the near future!

We'll just need to wait and see," the chaotic world tree declared confidently.

"That's even better then!" Austin was glad to hear it.

"Well, I'll go and look around to see how everything is going right now."

The chaotic world instantly vanished as it finished speaking with Austin.

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