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   Chapter 3350 The Chaotic World Tree Responded

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"Sir, are we really going to stay in this place from now on?"

A senior member of the Flying Phoenix Sect couldn't help but ask Fletcher in a low voice.

"I also have the same question, sir. This cosmos is a wasteland!

This is not a suitable home for us."

Other senior members of the Flying Phoenix Sect voiced out their opinions.

Fletcher looked at the cosmos in front of him slowly.

Then, his gaze fell on Austin.

Finally, he made up his mind.

"Yes. From now on, this cosmos will be our home, and we will follow Austin,"

Fletcher said sternly.

"What? Huh?"

The senior members of the Flying Phoenix Sect looked at each other with questioning eyes.

They used their spiritual senses to communicate with one another the whole time of course.

"The reason why I decided to come to the Fallen Immortal Cosmos was not because of the quality of its land.

I came here because of him!"

Fletcher said slowly and looked at Austin.

"Austin has two medium-grade divine gods who would do anything to protect him.

I have never met anyone who is as powerful, big-hearted, and genuine as him.

In fact, I believe he will achieve something real big. He can help us grow stronger and improve our quality of life.

Trust me."

Fletcher tried to convince all the senior members of the Flying Phoenix Sect through his spiritual sense.

"Austin, where should we start?"

ask Master Kevin when he came to Austin.

"Tell all the creatures to go back to their own worlds. If they need anything, they can come to you for help.

If there are issues, put it forward and we will settle it immediately.

Anyway, I believe we can always find a way to conquer our problems,"

Austin said after thinking for a while.

Then, Austin waved his hand and gave hundreds of Space Rings to Master Kevin.

Each Space Ring was filled with all kinds of resources of impeccable value.


the chaotic world tree continued.

Austin suddenly thought of something and couldn't help but be overjoyed after hearing the wise words of the chaotic world tree, Peterson the Taoist Ancestor once said that the chaotic world tree could upgrade the quality of worlds and cosmos!

At that time, Austin had thought of transferring the Fallen Immortal Cosmos to the chaotic world tree.

"Is it true that you can upgrade the quality of this cosmos?"

Austin asked eagerly.

"Of course,"

the chaotic world tree answered.

"Well, can you help me enhance this place?"

Austin asked as he looked at the chaotic world tree with expectant eyes.

"Help you?"

the chaotic world tree asked.

"Yes. This cosmos is very important to me. It was destroyed by evil divine gods and their followers. Please. The people here entrusted me to rebuild this cosmos, and it would be great if you can lend a hand,"

Austin said wholeheartedly.

"All right. Since you are sincere, I will help you.

Besides, upgrading the quality of a cosmos is also my way of cultivation. Two birds with one stone, right? Why not?"

the chaotic world tree responded.

Hearing the words of the chaotic world tree, Austin was on cloud nine that he almost jumped for joy.

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