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   Chapter 3349 Return To Our Hometown

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"No, thank you. But please take this back.

I really have no problem against the Beast Cosmos."

Austin was a little embarrassed.

"Please don't make things any more difficult for me.

If you don't accept this gift, my king will punish me once I go back."

Tears welled up on that old man's eyes as he shakily began to kneel.

In the span of just a couple of days, the leader of the Divine Sect was deposed because of this young man before him, and this same lad even made the lauded Space Sect beg for peace.

Any major sect within the three thousand big and small universes, whether it had enmity with Austin or not, was now terrified that he'd come after them next!

Several sects quickly sent representatives bearing luxurious gifts in an attempt to get into Austin's good graces.

Even worse, the talk of the town was that the divine gods behind several major sects disappeared without a trace.

All of them ran for the hills in fear that Austin would get even with them.

They were the ones who destroyed the Fallen Immortal Cosmos after all.

No one from the three thousand big and small universes dared to stand against Austin now.

"I understand.

I'll accept it and pay a visit to your king in person in the future."

Austin had no choice but to reluctantly accept the offering.

"Austin, now that you're here, why don't you go to our Mu Clan and stay for a few days?

I will treat you well and surely satisfy you."

The master of the Mu Clan shot Austin a smile.

"No need.

I can let bygones be bygones.

However, if you offend me again in the future, I won't let it go as easily."

Austin decided after a moment's thought of consideration to all the envoys from various worlds and universes in the sky.

None of the envoys dared to meet Austin's gaze.

However, they were all overjoyed to hear his words.

"Brat, what the hell are you talking about?"

A sharp rebuke rose from the Heavenly Majestic Pot.

"We already gained a lot in just the past two days. It should be enough for the time being.

Let's go back to the Fallen Immortal Cosmos and rebuild it,"


None of them could accept what they were seeing.

"Those guys were ruthless!"

A snarl burst out from the skinny old man Hare beside Austin.

He was referring to the divine gods who remorselessly destroyed the Fallen Immortal Cosmos.

"Master Morphy and my master already set out to get even with those divine gods. They'll make sure to hunt them down one by one.

Not only did they destroy the Fallen Immortal Cosmos, they also broke the Ancient Peace Agreement. That is unforgivable."

Even Austin's expression turned cold at the thought of the divine gods that had caused chaos in the three thousand big and small universes.

"What we need to do now is to rebuild the Fallen Immortal Cosmos,"

Austin continued.

"This cosmos has been damaged too much.

It won't be easy to rebuild it."

Hare shook his head.

"Austin, is this the Fallen Immortal Cosmos you mentioned before?

It's so... broken."

Shepard cautiously came to Austin's side.

Not far away from them, Fletcher, the sect leader of the Flying Phoenix Sect, together with a group of senior figures of his sect, was also a little stunned.

Austin warned them that the Fallen Immortal Cosmos was weak.

All of them thought they sufficiently lowered their expectations.

But none of them could possibly imagine that this cosmos would be so broken.

This wasn't even a cosmos at all, but a heap of rubble!

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