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   Chapter 3348 Accepting The Gifts (Part Two)

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They could tell that their two divine gods were at a disadvantage based on their conversation.

Soon, the battle ended.

The place was dead silent.

Austin smiled and immediately knew the result of the fight.

"Let's go!"

Austin waved his hand and left with his men.

"Hurry up! Go and check on the two divine gods!"

After Austin and his companions left, the leader of the Space Sect immediately used his bodily movement skill and rushed towards the secret place where the two divine gods usually cultivated in the innermost part of their headquarters.

All the senior members of the Space Sect followed suit.

In a secluded valley, there were two deep caves where the two divine gods cultivated.

Several arrays were set up in the valley to prevent other people from coming in.

However, those arrays were all destroyed now.

The ground was dry and cracked, the plants were burnt, and the mountains collapsed.

The two caves in the valley had also been knocked down. There were no signs of life inside either.

"This is not good. Something bad must have happened to our two divine gods!"

the senior members of the Space Sect shouted in panic.

"It looks like the rumors are true.

Austin has many divine gods following and protecting him secretly.

Fortunately, we didn't fight with him. If we did, our sect would definitely be wiped out!"

the leader of the Space Sect said as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

"Yes. That's true.

What matters is that the Space Sect still stands."

An elder next to him nodded in agreement.

At this time, Austin and his men had left the headquarters of the Space Sect.

"Master, which sect shall we go to next?"

Violet asked.

"The Mu Clan of the Hu

In the past, in order to save Suzie and her brother, Austin killed Hanson Huangfu, the son of Huangfu Clan's leader. Ever since then, the Huangfu Clan had held a grudge against him.

However, at that moment, they were asking Austin for absolution.

It was ridiculous!

Then, countless of people appeared out of nowhere in the starry sky. They all came bearing gifts on behalf of their sects.

There were even many sects that had no enmity with Austin before, but still arrived to present substantial gifts to Austin out of fear.

Austin received so many gifts that day that he even got a little tired from entertaining everyone.

He was both amused and speechless at the same time.

"You came from the Beast Cosmos? Did your leader ask you to send me a gift?"

Austin was surprised to find that an old man approaching him was actually from the Beast Cosmos.

He said to the old man, "No, I can't accept that. I am friends with Prince Aldrich of the Beast Cosmos. Don't worry. I won't cause any trouble to you guys."

"Mr. Lin, please take it. Otherwise, I won't be able to explain it to my leader,"

the old man said with a bitter face.

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