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   Chapter 3346 The Weak Reaction Of The Space Sect

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The middle-aged man was dressed in a golden-yellow robe, with a broad forehead and sharp eyes.

He was the leader of the Space Sect and exuded a kind of easy confidence.

In the hall, more than a dozen senior members of the Space Sect were gathered.

Everyone sighed in grief and even a little terrified.

"Austin is on his way here. We have to figure out something, quickly. Otherwise, our sect will be in danger!"

an old man with white hair said, punctuating the urgency of his statement with a deep breath.

"What can we do to protect ourselves?

Austin's strength is way too terrifying.

It's impossible for us to fight against him!

Think about it. There are eight divine gods and hundreds of Divine Realm masters backing him up.

With such strength, how can we even stand against him?"

a middle-aged man with a ferocious face said in a low but hurried voice.

Everyone else in the room fell silent.

"Well, what do you think about this?"

the sect leader asked as he gazed up at a thin elder.

This elder was an intelligent man, and everyone was convinced of his powers of reason.

"I think the only thing we can rely upon now is the Sect-protecting Array.

Immediately order all the people to return to the area covered by the Sect-protecting Array! Tell them to hold it to their last breath.

Maybe we can avert this disaster,"

the elder responded slowly. Though he tried to sound confident, doubt crept up in his voice.

"Yes, you are correct. This is the only thing we can do at this moment,"

the sect leader said with a slight nod.

"By the way, what do the two divine gods think?

After all, they are in charge of the Space Sect now!"

the white haired old man suddenly asked.

Like many other sects in the three thousand big and small universes, the Space Sect had also sought refuge with two divine gods. They relied upon them for protection.

The two divine gods had then become the supreme leaders of the Space Sect.

"I've already asked them for their opinion. They also think that we should make concessions and not pick a fight with Austin.

And, if necessary, we have to give in to Austin, beg for mercy and agree to his unreasonable requests,"

the sect leader said slowly in a defeated tone.

It was obvious to everyone observing the conversation that even the two divine gods were afraid of Austin.

"I can't believe that a nobody like him could grow to such a high level today,"

the sect leader exclaimed desperately.

In th

t many arrays in the world that can stand in my way!"

Austin said with pride.

Then, under the control of his mind, all the people appeared in the headquarters of the Space Sect.

"The members of the Space Sect, where are you?

Come out now!"

the Heavenly Majestic Pot roared loudly.

Austin sneered and didn't say anything. He focused his spiritual sense on a palace in the distance.

The senior members of the Space Sect were all hiding within that palace.

The remaining members of the Space Sect who were hiding in the gaps everywhere poked out their heads in anticipation. They seemed both angry and frightened.

For a moment, no one in the entire Space Sect dared to show up.

No one had ever thought that such a powerful sect in the three thousand big and small universes would end up like this.

Their enemy had come directly to their headquarters, but they all hid themselves and didn't have the courage to fight head on.

But it was understandable. The strength of the people brought by Austin was too intimidating.

"Let's go!"

Austin led his army to the magnificent palace.

"Cowards. Do you want me to fight my way inside?"

Standing outside the palace gate, Austin sneered.

"Austin, please don't get angry."

Finally, the leader of the Space Sect, together with a group of senior members, forced a smile on their faces and braced themselves to come out. Inside, they were ridden with shame.

"Austin, there are two divine gods hiding here. I'm going to speak to them.

You deal with these people."

At this time, Austin received a message from Peterson.


Austin nodded, understanding what it really meant.

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