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   Chapter 3345 Reenter The Space Cosmos

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"Well, I hope one day the little infinity beast can come back to see us,"

Austin said, feeling a little relieved.

Back in the Prime Martial World, before she died, the mother of the little infinity Beast had asked Austin to take care of her baby.

If something really happened to the little infinity beast, Austin would never be able to forgive himself for the rest of his life.

But there was nothing to worry about, at the moment. Based on the current situation, the little infinity beast should be fine. More than that, it was very likely that he was cultivating hard in the Abyss of Darkness under the guidance of the terrifying entity.

Violet, the Heavenly Majestic Pot and the others had made rapid progress in their cultivation base just because they were temporarily placed at the summit of a divine mountain, thanks to that entity.

If that terrifying creature gave special guidance to the cultivation of the little infinity beast, it would be safe to say that the speed at which the little infinity beast's strength would make progress was faster!

'Maybe it's a rare opportunity for that little one, '

Austin thought to himself.

"Then, how were you able to leave the abyss and come to the abandoned cosmos afterwards?"

Austin asked curiously.

"After we cultivated at that divine mountain for a period of time, everyone had been making constant and rapid breakthroughs.

When we all reached the Divine Realm, the terrible creature told us that the abyss was not a place where we could stay for a long time. He convinced us that it was the right time for us to leave.

Then he used his omnipotent skill to teleport us out of there.

In this way, we not only left the abyss, but also left the Divine Being's World. We found ourselves in the chaotic void, just outside the Divine Being's World afterwards.

Fortunately, we are all at the Divine Realm and could travel through the void.

Later, when we returned to the Fallen Immortal Cosmos, we found that the whole cosmos had been totally annihilated.

As for the hundreds of millions of creatures in the cosmos, they were nowhere to be found. We don't know if they're still alive somewhere or if they're already all dead!

Then we quietly wandered all over the three thousand big and small universes and inquired about the whereabouts of the missing creatures of our cosmos.

After a few more days, we received the news that a master at the Divine Realm was able to locate the whereabouts of the missing creatures, who were in an abandoned cosmos near

hen it comes to the business of raiding for loot, don't try to get rid of me!

You know that I will take my share of the treasures!"

the pot said and curled its lips.

"Fine, if you say so,"

Austin sighed helplessly.

The headquarters of the Space Sect was in the Space Cosmos.

A short moment later, the space in the starry sky of the Space Cosmos suddenly rippled and tore an opening in the middle.

Then a figure stepped out from the crack.

It was Austin.

"Alright, it's okay to come out now! Let's go!"

Austin transported all the people out of the Slave Tower.

The next moment, a large and powerful army was neatly arranged in perfect formation in the starry sky.

"Go! Go! Go! Raid the headquarters of the Space Sect! Take everything of value!"

With a wave of his hand, Austin took the lead and headed for the headquarters of the Space Sect.

He had about five hundred Divine Realm masters in his army!

The number of warriors at the Heaven Immortal Realm was even larger!

Each of them released their own energy pressure without scruple and turned it into an endless energy hurricane that blew towards their unsuspecting enemies.

With so many Divine Realm masters releasing the energy pressure at the same time, it seemed as if they were going to destroy this entire cosmos in no time!

There was even an approaching hurricane, and the starry sky in the void began to shake.

In the Space Cosmos, all the creatures living in different worlds felt this sudden, terrible vibration!

"Austin has finally arrived!"

a middle-aged man sitting in a spot at the center of a lofty palace in the headquarters of the Space Sect declared with difficulty.

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