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   Chapter 3343 Becoming The Divine Sect's Leader (Part Two)

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Therefore, they were convinced that if they let the pot become the sect leader, it would mean that the Divine Sect would be in a position to build a good connection with Austin.

In this way, the Divine Sect would not only safely pass the crisis they were facing, but it would also enable them to have a powerful reinforcement in the future!

Indeed, it was a brilliant idea!

Considering all the factors, the three old men had concluded their discussion in secret and made such a decision.

"Well, we understand that you didn't like the Divine Sect before because of the current sect leader. But now that you killed him with your own hands, you have avenged your late master.

Moreover, we believe that if your old master were still alive, he would definitely agree that you should take over the position as the leader.

So, we would advise you to take over this position, at least for the sake of your old master,"

one of the three elders said to the pot.

"That's right. Heavenly Majestic Pot, don't you know that back then, your old master was also eager to be the leader of our Divine Sect? Just regard it as a way to fulfill his last wish."

The other two elders also started persuading the pot.

"Well... It's true that my old master wanted to compete for the position as the leader, but unfortunately..."

At the mention of its old master, the pot hesitated a bit.

It was now seriously considering to accept the offer.

"Well, in that case, I'll fulfill the last wish of my late master and temporarily become the leader!"

Finally, the pot nodded in agreement.

The moment there was any mention of its old master, it would always feel pitiful and would be willing to do anything for him.

"All right! So,

hey knew fairly well that because of the relationship between the pot and Austin, the Divine Sect's foundation would be safe for now.

"Master Peterson, Master Morphy, what do you say? How about we stay here and recuperate for a day?"

Austin looked at Peterson the Taoist Ancestor and Morphy, and asked respectfully.

"All right!"

Peterson and Morphy nodded in agreement. They were also quite relieved to stop for some time before moving on.

Everyone then settled down temporarily in the headquarters of the Divine Sect to get some rest.

Since the pot had become the sect leader, everything would be easily accomplished.

The superior elder received them in person and even arranged high-class villas for them to rest.

From the time the pot formally took office as the leader, it had been busy. It gathered all the senior leaders of the Divine Sect, had meetings with them and managed the affairs of the sect diligently.

Looking at the pot working so seriously and busily involved in all the proceedings, Austin couldn't help laughing. He thought to himself, 'Well, indeed the Heavenly Majestic Pot seems to be suitable to be the leader.'

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