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   Chapter 3342 Becoming The Divine Sect's Leader (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5929

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There was a chaotic air at the headquarters of the Divine Sect. Many members of the Divine Sect had complicated expressions on their faces. They were baffled when they saw their sect leader die so brutally. They witnessed how his body and spiritual soul had been destroyed mercilessly.

Of course, no one could even think or dare to stand out against the violence. None could garner the courage to protest or resist the attack.

On one hand, the strength of those who were on Austin's side was too terrifying. Added to it was the power of eight divine gods who were supporting them. Undoubtedly, they were invincible.

On the other hand, the three elders of the Divine Sect had sent messages to every member of the Divine Sect, informing them that they ought not to make a move again and should bite the bullet.

Moreover, it was evident now that all the senior leaders of the Divine Sect were also controlled by Austin's Divine Realm slaves.

The remaining members were relatively weak. It was clear that even if they wanted to resist, they didn't have the ability. They could not match the power possessed by those on Austin's side.

"Come here and search this place. Let's see what treasures are hidden here!"

Austin waved his hand and ordered his men to get to work and locate the precious things that could be concealed there.

"Yes, master!"

Hundreds of Divine Realm slaves answered in unison. The ear-splitting sound of their words kept ringing out through the air.

"Ha-ha! I know this place very well. I have seen that there are treasure houses, magic herbs, crystal mines and libraries everywhere. I'm very sure about it. So, young men, listen carefully to my command. I'll help you and we will find them all!"

the Heavenly Majestic Pot roared

ree old guys are too cunning!"

Austin said with a smirk on his face.

It was clear that the only reason why they let the pot take over the position of the sect leader was because of Austin.

They were aware that, according to the relationship between the pot and Austin, once it became the leader of the Divine Sect, then Austin would have to be careful and considerate to the pot's feelings if he wanted to deal with the Divine Sect.

Now Austin's strength was different from what it was before.

There were eight divine gods who were standing behind Austin. Their presence spoke of terrifying and powerful strength.

In addition to that, Austin had nearly five hundred slaves at the Divine Realm. This was also a strong force that could not be ignored at all!

It was an undeniable fact that now Austin had the strength to dominate the whole three thousand big and small universes!

In other words, no one would dare to offend Austin anymore. They had to restrain themselves before him to avoid making him angry or upset. None of them could afford the consequences.

Clearly, the three elders of the Divine Sect had seen this and were left with no other option.

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