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   Chapter 3339 The Three Aged Elders Of The Divine Sect

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Hundreds of Divine Realm masters under Austin's command swarmed and surrounded all the senior leaders of the Divine Sect.

At that moment, there were only five Divine Realm masters in the Divine Sect.

The chief of the sect, a superior elder, and three other aged elders who had been living and cultivating in seclusion all the time.

It was said that these three old men belonged to the ancient times and had experienced that legendary divine battle.

Unfortunately, they all had been seriously injured in that battle. Since then, they had gone into hiding to recuperate, and had never appeared to anyone.

The Divine Sect had already been attacked at the headquarters, but the three old men were still nowhere to be seen.

At the moment, even with the power of all its cultivators combined, the overall strength of the Divine Sect was no longer enough to withstand even a single blow from Austin. They really needed the help of these Divine Realm masters

"Austin, don't push us too far!"

the superior elder of the Divine Sect roared.

"Cut the crap. I don't have to listen to you. Take them all!"

Austin sneered and waved his hand.

All of a sudden, the Divine Realm slaves pounced on the remaining people of the Divine Sect and launched their attacks.

How could the members of the Divine Sect, in their sorry state, defend themselves from the attacks of hundreds of masters at the Divine Realm?

In only a few seconds, most of the senior leaders were captured.

"This is not yet over, you hear me? I'll never let go that easily. Fight you to the death, if I must!"

the superior elder snarled, his eyes about to pop out of their sockets in extreme agitation. He activated all his energy to the extreme, and a long river of energy rushed out of his body at a very fierce momentum.


the superior elder roared hysterically.

He did not even get close to Austin. In the next moment, hundreds of Divine Realm slaves rushed towards him from all directions like a school of piranhas out to devour a helpless goat.


The poor superior elder was hit hard. He couldn't even hold on for a second. With the violent blows from his attackers, he was seriously bludgeoned and pounded on.

A horde of Divine Realm slaves rushed up and grabbed him by his limbs with no intent of letting him go.

Except for the sect chief, all the high-level leaders of the Divine Sect had been captured!

As per Austin's orders, the slaves only captured the people of the Divine Sect, but not kill them.

Otherwise, the headquarters of the Divine Sect would have been awash in blood with a scarlet river right in the middle of it, and none of them would have been able to survive.

Before they came to this place, the Heavenly Majestic Pot had told Austin



As the flying sword slashed, the snow-white sword aura spread out like the miraculous parting of the sea, incomparably bright and frightening.

Austin also rushed out, holding a sharp sword in his hand. Streams of sword auras that combined almost two billion sword attacks into one rushed out like water released from a broken dam.


Screams and shrieks were heard as the three old men were sent flying by the sword auras.

Instantly, the dark fog was swept away by the bright sword auras!

As the fog lifted, it revealed the bodies of the three old men covered with sword cuts that were so deep that their bones could be seen through the slashed-out flesh. One of them had lost his right arm, while foul-smelling, dark blood was gurgling out.

"You... How could you have such brilliant swordsmanship at such a young age!"

The old man whose right arm was cut off stared at Austin in horror, his blood quickly draining out of him.

"Three old bastards, you have come here to die! And I shall help you accomplish it!"

Austin shouted, holding his sword in his hand.

The three old men were originally preliminary-grade divine gods, but in the ancient times, they were seriously injured in the battle among the divine gods. Today, they only had half of their strength left at most.

However, Austin's fighting power had come close to that of an actual preliminary-grade divine god. It would not be difficult for him to defeat the three old men.

"Young man, you've gone too far!"

the three old men roared. Black fog again gushed out of their bodies, like surging tides, and rushed towards Austin.

"I see that you want to play some more. Well, I'll give you something that you three old bastards will never forget. Go to hell!"

With a majestic momentum, Austin waved his long sword and lunged forward.

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