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   Chapter 3337 The Headquarters Of The Divine Sect

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"Our first target is the Divine Sect,"

said the Heavenly Majestic Pot as it rushed to Austin.

"Finally, we can go back to the headquarters of the Divine Sect.

This time, I won't stop until I turn the whole sect upside down,"

it added excitedly.

It had been waiting for a long time to meet the leader of the Divine Sect again and avenge its former master. The opportunity had finally come.

"Okay, let's go to the Divine Sect first."

Austin nodded with a smile.

Meanwhile, in the Heaven God Cosmos, the headquarters of the Divine Sect was able to monopolize a world.

It was a confirmation that the Divine Sect was extremely powerful in the Heaven God Cosmos.

Inside their headquarters, two people were sitting cross-legged in a secret room.

One of them was wearing a purple robe and a crown, wrapped in divine lights. He was the leader of the Divine Sect.

The other one was an old man in a grey robe with an imposing aura. He was a superior elder of the Divine Sect.

He had just returned to the headquarters of the Divine Sect after escaping from Austin not long ago. Now, he was having a discussion with the leader.

They were both frowning as worries were written all over their faces.

"Things are not going well right now.

Austin's strength is too terrifying.

I have seen it with my own eyes how he easily defeated the masters at the Divine Realm with just one strike.

He used some secret techniques to enslave them.

Moreover, he has eight or nine divine gods behind him.

Needless to say, he is indeed a formidable enemy.

And now that he has returned, I'm afraid that he will come after us soon.

We have to figure out a way to deal with him as early as now.

Otherwise, our sect will be put in great danger,"

said the superior elder worriedly. Thinking about how terrifying Austin's fighting power was sent chills down his spine.

"How is the divine god now?"

he asked the sect leader in a whisper.

"When he came back, he was covered with blood and lost one arm. His face was as white as paper. He is in a very bad condition right now,"

the sect leader replied with a sigh.

"I think the divine gods behind Austin are very powerful.

Although they were outnumbered, they had actually defeated

out nearby.

"Your array is not a big deal. We are already inside, idiots!"

The voice and the laughter was full of mockery.

The next moment, a large group of people appeared nearby, each exuding a strong aura.

As a result, the void buzzed.

The senior members turned pale in horror as they looked at the large group of people.


How could you break in here without touching our Sect-protecting Array? That's impossible!"

Although the leader of the Divine Sect was shocked, there was also a trace of anger in his voice.

He already knew that only Austin would come after them.

"Ha-ha! Unfortunately, your array can't stop me if I want to enter your headquarters,"

replied Austin with a sneer.

Standing behind him were around five hundred Divine Realm cultivators that he had enslaved. The auras they released formed strong waves that roared and flushed all over this world.

With such a terrifying formation, everyone in the Divine Sect, including their leader, suddenly felt numb and weak.

Their sect had only five masters at the Divine Realm.

Except for the sect leader and the superior elder, the other three old Divine Realm masters had been living and cultivating in seclusion for a long time due to the decline of their blood energy.

They couldn't deal with this group of people who were all Divine Realm cultivators.

"We can't fight them head-on. Otherwise, we will all be annihilated today,"

said the superior elder to the sect leader telepathically.

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