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   Chapter 3336 Eager To Rebuild The Hometown

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Inside the space behind the Space Gate, a large horde of people was waiting anxiously.

They had heard the news that Austin and the others were about to come back.

"Master Kevin, when is he arriving?" Sue asked Kevin with an impatient face.

Both Sue and Ivy had actually asked Kevin about this more than once. They just couldn't sit still until they saw Austin with their own eyes.

"He's coming soon. Violet, the Heavenly Majestic Pot, and the others were with him to help finish off the enemies. They should be arriving soon, trust me."

Kevin answered to appease them.

Caroline was also very worried but she did not say anything. She forced herself to be patient until Austin arrived.

A few moments later, the Space Gate opened.

"Hi everyone. I'm back."

A familiar voice and figure emerged from the gate.

It was Austin, standing in front of everyone.

"Austin!" his three wives said in chorus.

As they couldn't contain their emotions anymore, the three rushed and hugged Austin at the same time.

"It's good to have you back!"

Kevin said with a sincere smile.

The Eight Stone Saints had also made their way to greet Austin.

"We were totally looking forward to your arrival. At last, you finally showed up. The entire Fallen Immortal Cosmos looks up to you and regards you as the leader, but you're always away. I think you're enjoying to be a hands-off type of leader,"

Asa said jokingly as he gave Austin a gentle punch on the shoulder.

The Eight Stone Saints were known to be hot-tempered and rash. They never really cared about formalities. Even though Austin was already in a high position, they still treated him the same as before. In their eyes, Austin was still their friend whom they could tell anything with all honesty.

Knowing Asa's nature, Austin just smiled and understood what he really meant.

The other high-level figures of the Fallen Immortal Cosmos also gathered and surrounded Austin.

"Leader Austin! We're glad you're safe." They all greeted him with utmost respect.

"Leader Austin, thank goodness you're back. With you on our side, we feel like there's nothing that we can't do."

"Our homeland, the Fallen Immortal Cosmos was destroyed, and we were forced to evacuate the area. Even after we fled, strong enemies still came after us.

We believe that you're the only one that can help us through all this and bring us back to our home one day."

Some powerful figures from the Fallen Immortal Cosmos told their concerns without reservations.

Austin looked around and was a bit overwhelmed by the attention that he received.

He could see the excitement in their eyes and the passion to re-establish everything that they had lost.

After the Fallen Immortal Cosmos was destroyed, they had no choice but to leave their homeland and hide in the ab

There's nothing that I'm afraid to do to you. Didn't you know that I actually had my eyes on you?

You're such a despicable man. Remember that battle where you colluded with the gods of darkness and killed several of my comrades whom you had disputes?

Now, you dare show your face here in the three thousand big and small universes? You did whatever you wanted and you broke the peaceful lives of the people.

Do you think you would get away with it?

You had it coming, you disgusting son of a bitch," Peterson said with a malicious sneer.

His eyes were so furious; the spiritual soul of the divine god in red trembled violently.

After that, he sealed the spiritual soul of the divine god and put it into his spatial treasure.

"Master, I think I'm going to borrow some resources from powerful forces in various worlds and universes to rebuild the Fallen Immortal Cosmos.

What do you say?"

Austin consulted with Peterson.

"Hmm! That's a good idea.

You know what? I'll come with you,"

Peterson said in excitement as he rubbed his hands.

"Even if they don't want to, we'll force them to lend you," he added while laughing wildly.

"Okay, master. It's reassuring that you'll go with me.

After we get enough resources, we can already rebuild the cosmos,"

Austin responded in an enthusiastic tone.

"No wonder you're his master. You even deal with things the same way."

Hare furrowed his brows while shaking his head.

"Austin, I think it's a better idea if we also form a group instead of just the two of us.

If any sect refused to lend their resources to you, we can beat them up until they agree,"

Peterson said loudly without any guilt.

"Oh, yeah. That will make things easier."

Austin was already imagining the number of resources that they could acquire to rebuild the Fallen Immortal Cosmos, and it made him really excited.

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