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   Chapter 3335 Get Another Batch Of Slaves At The Divine Realm

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Everyone was shocked as Austin kept moving at lightning speed. He flew across the sky and rushed in front of the Divine Realm masters. With the same skills, he punched and grabbed them one by one. Then, he released the Puppet Strings and subdued the masters to become his slaves.

The masters just couldn't resist any of Austin's attacks.

Austin was supposedly just on the same level as them, but he was conquering them so easily.

In a flash, about seven more masters became Austin's slaves.


Seeing the dreadful scene, everyone couldn't help but gasp.

It was hard for them to believe that Austin was still at the level of the Divine Realm.

With all the abilities that he performed, he was actually showing strength already comparable to a preliminary-grade divine god.

"This is ridiculous! Let's attack him together with everything!

We don't stand a chance if this goes on!"

an old man with a white beard and robe shouted.

Immediately after, all the Divine Realm masters gathered together and exerted all their strength to launch the most powerful attack that they could throw against Austin.

Austin could easily dismantle them one by one, so they had no choice but to work together.

Only then would they even stand a chance to land a strike on him.

Austin's prowess had been too terrifying and conniving.

They finally admitted to themselves that Austin was way too strong than any of them.

"That's right! Act and struggle together. That way, it'll be easier for me to finish off you all at the same time!"

With a faint smile, Austin stretched out his sword and slashed forward his enemies in the blink of an eye.


Streaks of dazzling sword radiance shot out.

The strike was so invincible that it even smashed the shackles of time and defied the rules of space.


All the masters that stood in Austin's way were shattered like fragile porcelain dolls in front of his sword radiance.

With Austin's current cultivation base in swordsmanship, he could even injure a preliminary-grade divine god with that attack.

That was why these Divine Realm masters were just like a practice drill for him.

Austin then instantly appeared in front of those who weren't caught in his sword strike.

As the masters were still in shock, Austin started throwing his fists at them.

Golden light emitted from his fists like the radiance of the sun.

Countless golden energy runes spread as his fist surged forward.


A deafening sound reverberated from various directions, like thunder during a vicious storm.

Crash! Bang!

About a dozen masters were sent flying. They kept spitting blood, and their faces lost color.


m the beginning since you possess such godly strength? You just sat back and watched us go fight with those monsters with our lives on the line? Are you still human?"

The pot couldn't help but grumble.

"Ha-ha! Don't be so mad. I was just giving you a chance to display your full strength without any restraint,"

Austin replied with a smile.

"Grandpa Pot, master was just gauging our full capabilities. Don't be too hard on him."

Violet laughed as she covered her mouth.

"That's right, Violet. You can really see through me."

Austin nodded and patted her head.

"Little divine silkworm, I see that you have such impressive strength."

Austin also praised the divine silkworm for its earlier performance.

He was actually a bit surprised by the divine power that it just displayed while fighting the Divine Realm masters.

It was known that the divine silkworm race was born with superior physical strength. It was said that a mature divine silkworm could even shatter a divine god bare hand.

"But Austin, you are still the best.

These many Divine Realm masters have become your slaves in a matter of minutes!

That ability is otherworldly,"

Suzie said, still in awe of what she witnessed.

"You flatter me too much. You had also reached the Divine Realm. Give yourself more credit,"

Austin answered with a sincere smile.

He was extremely happy to see his friends also reach a higher stage of cultivation.

"Come on. Let's enter the Space Gate."

Austin couldn't wait to see his other companions from the Fallen Immortal Cosmos.

A bit earlier, Violet had informed him through her spiritual sense of the status of their comrades.

Austin was completely relieved that all the billions of creatures from the Fallen Immortal Cosmos were safe and sound.

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