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   Chapter 3334 Austin's Attack

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One Divine Realm cultivator was hit by the divine silkworm's gigantic fist, and half of his body was smashed. He ran out of the battlefield while screaming miserably.

He had never thought that this young man in purple, who looked so delicate and thin, would have such terrifying power.

"That was amazing!"

Even Austin couldn't help praising the divine silkworm's extraordinary skill.

"Austin, we will help you block the enemies too!"

Suzie and her brother rushed to join the battle at the same time.

They both have a dazzling long sword in their hands, emitting an unstoppable cold sword aura. As they swung the long swords, a high-pitched singing voice of a phoenix could be heard from time to time.

The siblings waved their swords gracefully as if they were dancing. Sharp sword radiance left traces in midair and formed two phoenixes flying in the sky.

At this moment, the divine silkworm, Suzie, and her brother had successfully blocked several Divine Realm cultivators.

"These people are good at fighting. They are much better than the others who are at the same level as theirs.

Each of them can handle several enemies alone," exclaimed Austin in delight.

Meanwhile, he used his bodily movement skill to dodge the attacks of the dozens of Divine Realm cultivators who never stopped chasing him.

It was very apparent that the Heavenly Majestic Pot, the divine silkworm, Violet, Suzie, and her brother had not only broken through to the Divine Realm but also improved their fighting power to a great extent.

Each of them seemed to have cultivated some kind of powerful divine skill.

Since Austin had mastered many divine skills, he could tell even at one glance that they were all using divine skills.

"Austin, never think that you can still run away from us!"

There were around sixty Divine Realm cultivators on the battlefield, but only twenty of them were blocked by the Heavenly Majestic Pot, the divine silkworm, Violet, Suzie, and her brother.

The rest were continuously chasing Austin.

Fortunately, he was very fast.

Using his bodily movement skill to the extreme, he kept moving back and forth like a streak of lightning in the chaotic space.

The Divine Realm cultivators did their best to catch him, but none of them could beat his speed. This unacceptable fact enraged all of them.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

They kept on attacking Austin from afar. Numerous streams of powerful energy were shot at him together with the attacks from countless magic treasures. This tremendous violent assault caused the space around him to blow up instantly.

However, he was not affected by these attacks. It was as if he was impervious.

"How can that bastard be so agile?"

The Divine Realm cultivators couldn't believe what they were seeing.

There were so many of them, but they could not stop Austin from running awa


Violet said excitedly. She couldn't help clapping her hands.

The divine silkworm, Suzie and her brother were all surprised too.

"What has just happened? What kind of evil skill did you use?" asked another Divine Realm cultivator.

Seeing how one of them strangely became Austin's slave, all the other Divine Realm cultivators felt petrified.

"It's your turn now!"

Austin took a step forward and rushed towards the rest of them. He moved at a terrifyingly fast speed and approached the Divine Realm cultivators one after another.

"Austin, what do you want?" asked one of them.

The other Divine Realm cultivators tried their best to escape. But it was too late. All they could do was tremble as their legs became feeble.

"I want to punch your face,"

he said as he waved his fist to punch that Divine Realm cultivator.


Golden lights with magnificent and majestic radiance surged into the sky. A terrifying fist power was about to crush the Divine Realm cultivator with fatal momentum.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" scream the Divine Realm cultivator in fright.

He had no strength to resist Austin's attack, so he just closed his eyes, waiting for his death.

However, before Austin's fist could land on his face, it suddenly turned into a palm and grabbed his neck. All of a sudden, he was lifted into the air like a chick.

Then countless red threads constantly rushed into his Soul Sea.

Everything happened just in the blink of an eye.


said the Divine Realm respectfully as he knelt down in front of Austin.

"How did he do it?"

The rest of the Divine Realm cultivators trembled with fear.

Everything that happened was beyond their imagination.

None of them could believe that a Divine Realm cultivator could be subdued with just one strike.

Austin's fighting power was undeniably appalling.

Only divine gods could have such terrifying power.

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