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   Chapter 3332 Conversations About The Past

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"It really is my Master!"

At that moment, Violet was certain that Austin was somewhere nearby.

Therefore, she released her spiritual sense to scan through the entire cosmos.

Then she used her spiritual sense to perceive the situation outside it.

Violet was now at the Divine Realm, so she could easily perceive the cosmos in its entirety and also the chaotic space around it.


she yelled as she spotted Austin.

"Master, you're finally back! It's me, Violet!"

Overjoyed, Violet immediately sent a message to Austin through her spiritual sense.

At this time, outside the abandoned cosmos, near the space barrier, Austin sneered at a large number of cultivators at the Divine Realm and was getting ready to fight.

However, right at that moment, he heard a woman's voice echo through his Soul Sea.

"Violet, is that really you?"

Austin exclaimed with anticipation.

Those cultivators at the Divine Realm were approaching Austin with increasing momentum. But when they were about to make a move, they saw the ecstasy on Austin's face. They were all confused by his expression.

They couldn't understand why Austin didn't show even a slight bit of timidity in the face of a large group of Divine Realm masters. Instead, he looked extremely positively surprised and overjoyed.

Was there a hidden trap?

Thinking of this, some extremely cautious cultivators at the Divine Realm couldn't help but slow down and take a closer look at Austin warily.

Violet was still stuck in the abandoned cosmos.

"It's really me, master! I'm Violet!"

Violet replied, unable to contain her excitement.

"But it's not only me. Everyone is here!"

Violet was so elated that she felt she would break into to a dance.

"Master, have you had a tiff with those cultivators at the Divine Realm? It looks like they are going to besiege you."

Violet had noticed the cultivators at the Divine Realm who were confronting Austin.

"Ha-ha, don't worry. They are not important enough for me to pay attention to,"

Austin said with a bright smile.

With Austin's current strength, it was as easy as chopping vegetables to deal with the cultivators at the Divine Realm who were standing in front of him.

"What? Violet, you... Have you actually broken through to the Divine Realm? !"

Austin was both surprised and proud to realize this fact. He almost could not believe his eyes.

"Humph! Why not? Of course, I have! What do you think? Are you jealous?

What? Master, are you also at the Divine Realm now?!"

Violet had been a little complacent at first. But then she was surprised to find that Austin was also now at the Divine Realm.

"Well, Violet, it seems to me that you have experienced something unusual."

Austin was gratified by Violet'

divine silkworm was so angry that his face turned as red as his lips.

"Master, we broke into the Abyss of Darkness in the Divine Being's World by accident.

We had all experienced a lot of things. However, the whole thing was just a narrow escape. Recalling it now, I still feel scared,"

Violet came to Austin's side and with her hand patting over her chest.

With the improvement of her cultivation base, Violet had become more charming and attractive.

An enchanting fragrance emanated from her. While smiling, she looked graceful and exceedingly charming, which made people unable to control themselves.


suddenly, a Divine Ream master on the other side shouted furiously.

The sudden appearance of Violet, the Heavenly Majestic Pot and the others stunned the cultivators who were preparing to confront Austin. All of them stood stunned for a short while.

Then they saw that Austin, Violet and the others had ignored them and were talking happily!

It was as if Austin and his friends had completely forgotten the existence of the cultivators at the Divine Realm!

When the two sides were about to fight in the beginning, the atmosphere had been very tense and on the verge of breaking out into complete chaos.

However, with the appearance of Violet, the Heavenly Majestic Pot and the others they had initiated cheerful conversation all around. And rather unexpectedly, this had dispelled the tense and murderous atmosphere at the scene.

This humiliated those cultivators at the Divine Realm so much that it fed into their anger.

How dare someone look down upon them! A large group of cultivators at the Divine Realm!

"Austin you brat, even if you have a few supporters, you are doomed to die!"

"Austin, go to hell!"

One by one, the cultivators at the Divine Realm launched an attack at their nemesis.

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