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   Chapter 3331 An Illusion

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7755

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"What? Austin

is behind those robberies?"

Hearing Austin's words, all the masters at the Divine Realm were shell shocked.

Not long ago, before Austin had left the three thousand big and small universes, he had paid a visit to many cosmoses. He'd also robbed many powerful sects.

When everyone came to know about this, it caused a serious stir among the creatures.

At that time, everyone had guessed that the robberies were done by a mysterious man from a chaotic ancient kingdom.

Later, the sensational robberies had left everyone's collective memory.

Now, hearing Austin mention them again, the masters at the Divine Realm stared at him in shock and fury.

"Austin, are you really responsible for all those heinous robberies?"

the leader of the Mu Clan roared in disbelief.

Many of the strongholds built by the Mu Clan in the Hunting Cosmos had been destroyed by Austin.

They had suffered a great loss.

"Yes, it was me.

It was not an honorable thing to do. I will not pretend otherwise,"

Austin said with a faint smile.

"The mysterious man from the chaotic ancient kingdom you all are talking about is in fact, me."

Austin pointed towards the tip of his nose, his smile becoming wider and more playful.


It was you?!"

Roars of anger echoed from everywhere on the spot.

Many of the Divine Realm masters present belonged to the powerful sects that had been ransacked by Austin, including the Divine Sect, the Mu Clan, the Space Sect, the underworld and the Huangfu Clan.

They had once sent a large number of people, along with the Divine Realm masters, to track down the criminal.

However, they had not found the culprit.

They didn't expect that the criminal that they were hunting would be standing casually right in front of them now.

"Well then, you won't escape today!"

Angry and murderous, the Divine Realm masters surrounded Austin on every side.

They were not going to let Austin leave, definitely not without a fight.

"His fighting power is a little strange. He is far more powerful than he looks.

We must be careful. Let's fight together to deal with him!"

the leader of the Mu Clan said to the others.

The scene they'd witnessed just now of Austin fighting against the divine god in red made them afraid.

"Don't be af


At the same time, outside the abandoned cosmos, Austin felt confused.

Since the time he returned, he had sensed Violet's aura, but it was very weak.

'Is it just my illusion?

Violet and the others have been missing for a long time in the Abyss of Darkness of the Divine Being's World. How could they reappear nearby?'

Austin wondered to himself.

"Austin, go to hell!"

A large number of Divine Realm masters with malicious expressions surrounded him in every direction.

Even those Divine Realm masters who had no enmity with Austin were willing to fight him to finish him once and for all.

Everyone knew that Austin possessed a lot of treasures.

Moreover, Austin had provoked so many divine gods. If they were to capture him and send him to those divine gods, they would definitely receive many rewards.

With a disdainful smile on his face, Austin looked at the Divine Realm masters who were approaching him swiftly.

He put his hands behind his back, as if he didn't take those masters seriously. He looked at them like a grown man looking at a child.

"Ha-ha! You wear your arrogance well! But you will die soon!"

Some of the Divine Realm masters sneered.

In the abandoned cosmos, Violet rushed out of the Space Gate and stood in the chaotic void.

She was now at the Divine Realm. She was strong enough to protect herself in such an environment.

She released her spiritual sense to perceive Austin.

Suddenly, her body trembled, and a look of total ecstasy appeared on her charming face.

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