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   Chapter 3330 Escape

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"Ah!" The spiritual soul of the divine god in red escaped from his shattered body.

He let out a miserable, ear-splitting cry that resounded in the whole chaotic space.

Then, a red pot and a few red spears emitted tens of thousands of streaks of brilliant energy radiance, which protected the divine god in red.

He had refined those magic treasures with his blood essence for a very long time. They were connected with his mind and blood, and were among his few trump cards that came in handy whenever he was in danger.

Thanks to those magic treasures, his spiritual soul managed to rush out of his body safely.

Otherwise, he would have been killed.

"What? Who attacked me? Show yourself!"

The figure of the spiritual soul of the divine god in red was similar to his body, but it was a little illusory.

Shock, anger, and resentment were written all over his face.

He had tried his best to kill Austin, but he was unexpectedly attacked by a random force that was so strong that his body was smashed into pieces.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

What answered him was a domineering fist with a terrifying aura, which came horizontally.

The whole chaotic space shook violently.


The divine god in red felt the danger of death and was scared out of his wits that he did not dare to check who was after him.

He used his best bodily movement skill to move backward at lightning speed.

In an instant, he retreated.

However, the fist had been constantly enlarging and had soon filled the entire chaotic space.

The rate of its expansion was so much faster than the speed of the divine god in red.

In a flash, the huge fist that covered the heaven and earth caught up with the divine god in red and crushed him with an immeasurable force.

"Fuck off!"

The red pot and the five red spears that floated above the head of the divine god in red glowed at the same time to block the attack.


The fist was so powerful that it shattered the red pot and the five red spears into pieces!

"No! Let me go!"

the divine god in red cried out in despair.


The huge fist was unstoppable.

Then, it suddenly loosened and turned into a massive palm. Without hesitation, it grabbed the divine god in red.


However, they were nothing but subordinates to divine gods now.

At that time, the masters at the Divine Realm glared at Austin.

They came from different universes among the three thousand big and small universes.

Thus, every single one of them had known Austin.

Austin was well-celebrated in the three thousand big and small universes.

"Hey, Austin! Do you recognize me?"

a tall and tough man shouted at Austin.

His clothes were made of different skins of various species of demonic beasts. He had a strong and primitive demeanor.

"Hmm. If I'm not mistaken, you're the leader of the Mu Clan in the Hunting Cosmos, right?"

Austin replied with a wry smile.

"That's right! You killed many members of my clan. Thus, you have committed numerous heinous crimes! Today, I will make you pay with your blood."

The leader of the Mu Clan stepped forward and looked at Austin threateningly.

"Not only did I kill a lot of members of the Mu Clan, I also went to the Hunting Cosmos and robbed your clan of its riches not long ago.

What are you going to do about it?"

Austin said contemptuously.

"What did you say? You went to the Hunting Cosmos and stole things from us?"

The leader of the Mu Clan was stunned to hear Austin confess his actions unapologetically.

"That's right. In addition to that, I even went to the Heaven God Cosmos to plunder the Divine Sect, the Space Cosmos to pillage the Space Sect..."

Austin said a series of names in one breath.

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