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   Chapter 3329 Fighting Against A Preliminary-grade Divine God

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9498

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The divine gods were all stunned to see Austin appear out of nowhere.

They had been searching for Austin everywhere in the past few days, but had found no trace of him at all.

To their surprise, Austin showed up right in front of them by himself!

After a moment of astonishment, the dozen of divine gods finally came to their senses.

"Ha-ha! It's Austin! What a stroke of luck! I didn't expect you to come to us. It's a good thing you've finally decided to turn yourself in."

The divine gods were overjoyed and burst into laughter when they saw Austin.

They immediately used their omnipotent skills to lock Austin's position in order to make sure that he would not escape from them this time.

"Do you like what we've done to the place? We destroyed this cosmos with just a single blow! Ha-ha!

What a joke!

Well, I have to applaud you for breaking through to the Divine Realm in such a short time.

But don't think your power is good enough to defeat us.

In my eyes, you are just a feeble vermin.

Do you really think you can fight against us?"

The divine god dressed in red sneered.

"Brat, get over here and kneel down in front of us. Be prepared to answer all of our questions and surrender everything you have!"

The divine god continued. He flashed a disdainful smile and looked down at Austin.

"So it was really you who destroyed this cosmos," Austin murmured.

His eyes were as cold as ice, and a ravaging killing intent was surging in his body.

"Austin, are you deaf? A divine god asked you to kneel down. Why are you still standing there?

Do you have a death wish?"

A master of the Divine Realm stepped forward and shouted.

Austin turned a deaf ear to his warning. His eyes slowly swept over the dozen divine gods one by one. They had already admitted that they were the ones who obliterated the abandoned cosmos.

At that moment, the whereabouts of the billions of creatures from the Fallen Immortal Cosmos were unknown. He had no idea whether they were alive or dead.

However, the culprits were right in front of him!

"You are just at the preliminary stage of Divine Realm. How dare you ignore the order of a divine god!

Let me teach you a lesson on behalf of all divine gods, so that you will know your place!"

The master could not help but get angry at Austin for paying no attention to his words.

Since he was at the premium stage of Divine Realm, he knew that his cultivation base was much higher than Austin's. He felt utterly disrespected.

Without hesitation, he took a step forward and flew across the sky like a meteor and dashed towards Austin.

At the same time, he released a terrifying energy force towards Austin.

On the other hand, Austin just stood still with a blank face.

He even crossed his arms in front of his chest, which made him

he divine gods around were dumbstruck.

They couldn't believe what they had just seen.

A young man who was merely at the Divine Realm had gotten away without getting hurt after fighting a preliminary-grade divine god!

"How could this bastard be so powerful?"

The divine gods were all shocked.

"Go to hell!"

The divine god who had fought Austin activated the red tripod and began to chase Austin.

Austin kept retreating, and managed to keep a distance from the divine god. At the same time, using his mind, he used the flying sword to send out powerful sword radiance directly towards the divine god.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The blinding sword radiance and the red tripod kept colliding.

The red tripod contained a spine-chilling force, which constantly blew the sword radiance away.

Nevertheless, the flying sword was also extremely powerful since it belonged to the Sword Emperor before it was refined by Austin.

Thus, a preliminary-grade divine god couldn't impair it at all.

Furthermore, Austin's Flying Swordsmanship was exceedingly mysterious and powerful.

'With my Flying Swordsmanship, I am confident that I could go a few rounds with a preliminary-grade divine god.

However, I'm sure I will still be defeated in the end.'

Austin realized. He was very aware of his own strength.

"Argh! Brat, I'm going to kill you!"

The divine god used a brilliant bodily movement skill to pursue Austin. He was itching to get his hands on the young man.

However, at that moment, something unexpected happened.


All of a sudden, the sky collapsed and the earth cracked. A huge fist appeared out of nowhere and punched the divine god without warning.


The punch beamed a bright light and emitted a formidable aura that violently hit the body of the divine god.


the divine god bellowed as his body exploded then and there!

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