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   Chapter 3328 Back To The Abandoned Cosmos

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"Don't worry. The abandoned cosmos is not within the range of the three thousand big and small universes, but is remotely located in the chaotic space near those universes.

Under normal circumstances, no living creature will go there,"

Morphy said to Austin.

The four divine gods, Morphy, Andreas, Lukyan, and Pascal, carefully selected the abandoned cosmos, where dozens of continents within its span were all arranged with brilliant arrays.

Thus, it should be safe.

"I hope so."

Austin gave a nod.

Somehow, there was always a feeling of uneasiness deep in his heart.

It was a kind of intuition that was hard to explain.

A moment later, he suddenly stopped.

"We have returned to the abandoned cosmos!"

Austin was overjoyed.

However, the next moment, when he looked around, a chill rose from the bottom of his heart.

The world in front of him was extremely bizarre and chaotic.

Countless pieces of materials, law power fragments, space, and time fragments, were cluttered everywhere. All in all, there was nothing in the cosmos but whirling shards.

The space and time were completely out of place, and the law power was dismantled!

It did not seem like a cosmos at all, but more like the chaotic void itself!

Austin knew that he had locked the exact location of the abandoned cosmos when he activated the Reincarnation Token.

He was certain that the space in front of him must be the abandoned cosmos.

The Reincarnation Token was a chaotic magic treasure, and it would never make any mistake in teleportation.

There seemed to be only one reasonable explanation.

The abandoned cosmos had been completely obliterated!

'What about the creatures in the Fallen Immortal Cosmos? Where are they?

Could it be that...' Austin looked at the strange and chaotic place in front of him with shock.

His heart sank when he realized that all of the people he cared about were gone.

Hundreds of millions of creatures from the Fallen Immortal Cosmos lived in the abandoned cosmos, including Caroline, Ivy, Sue, an

"Nevertheless, the dozen divine gods over there are definitely enemies. There is no doubt about that.

Let's kill them first!"

Austin's eyes were full of killing intent.

Seeing the damaged cosmos, he just wanted to kill them all!

"Austin is right.

Those divine gods should also be blamed for the destruction of the Ancient Peace Agreement.

They are hideous fiends!

We should start from these dozen divine gods if we want to restore order to the three thousand big and small universes!"

Morphy said as he recognized the divine gods.

"Yes, it's them!"

Andreas, Lukyan, and Pascal also nodded as their eyes became cold.


Austin couldn't wait any longer. In a flash, he was the first one to rush out of the space barrier of the abandoned cosmos.

"You old bastards, tell us the truth. Did you destroy this place?"

Austin appeared in front of the divine gods and asked aggressively.

"Huh? Wait. I know you... You are Austin!"

It was not until then that those divine gods became aware of Austin's presence.

The teleportation of the Reincarnation Token was so remarkable that even those divine gods couldn't perceive it in time.

In addition, the divine gods' attention had been focused on the yellow Space Gate.

Therefore, when Austin and his companions appeared in the abandoned cosmos, they hardly ever noticed them!

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