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   Chapter 3326 To Become A Divine God As Soon As Possible

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Outside the abandoned cosmos, all the divine gods were celebrating.

"Ha-ha! We have successfully refined all the laws of nature and destroyed everything in this lowly cosmos.

Since the time and space have been disturbed, it will be difficult to teleport now.

That brat can't escape from us anymore,"

said a divine god in red between laughs.

"That's right. After refining all the laws of nature of this rubbish cosmos, we can fully control everything in it.

This cosmos is just a piece of cake to destroy.

Those poor creatures are lucky because they are useful to us, and we want to keep them alive. If not, we can totally eliminate this cosmos's existence.

For sure, no one can escape death inside this cosmos,"

said the divine god in white with a smile.

"I'll catch that brat now,"

said the divine god in red.

He then stretched his hand into the cosmos.

At that time, everything in the abandoned cosmos had disappeared.

Only dust, energy hurricanes, and space fragments were left flying everywhere.

It was a horrible scene to behold!

No one could feel the passage of time, and space was distorted strangely.

There was a gate floating in the air like a small boat drifting with the waves in the sea.

Inside the gate was a vast space, where billions of creatures were gathered.

The gnome, the Heavenly Majestic Pot, Violet, and the others were also there.

Kevin, together with a group of senior members of the Fallen Immortal Cosmos, went up to greet the Heavenly Majestic Pot and the rest.

Caroline, Ivy, and Sue also stepped forward and held Violet intimately.

But they all knew that it was not the right time to talk about the old days.

"Damn it! The space and time are completely chaotic now.

It is difficult to use the Space Teleportation in this kind of environment.

We can't escape even if we want to,"

said the gnome with a frown. He could feel how terrible the space and time outside at this moment.

"Don't forget that this Space Gate is a chaotic magic treasure.

Even if space and time are chaotic, it won't affect this gate.

You are just too weak to activate its real power.


elp you but don't worry, if we can survive this time, I will return it to you."

"Of course! I will kill you if you don't give it back to me."

Despite the exhaustion he felt, the gnome glared at the Heavenly Majestic Pot.

More than a dozen giant hands were still chasing after the small gate as if catching a fish.

Meanwhile, an airship flew back to the three thousand big and small universes in the Sea of Chaos.

Inside the airship

was a secret room

where Austin was cultivating in seclusion.

At this moment, he had already refined and absorbed the Sword Kingdom completely.

He also managed to condense the energy of around 1.9 billion sword attacks into one move.

With such a cultivation base of swordsmanship, he could already cause some damage to the preliminary-grade divine gods.

Aside from that, he also selected several kinds of divine skills and successfully cultivated them.

He had mastered more than a dozen kinds of divine skills.

His spiritual sense was now as strong as those of the preliminary-grade divine gods.

"This is not enough yet. I have to try my best to light the sacred fire and become a divine god as soon as possible."

His voice rang out inside the secret room.

Only with the strength of a divine god could he truly protect himself.

Warriors at the Divine Realm or below were all considered weak.

So Austin's goal now was to become a divine god the soonest time possible.

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