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   Chapter 3322 Destroying The Arrays

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8006

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"Go to hell, imbeciles!"

the divine god in red roared in anger.


Suddenly, an endless ruling power surged from the skies and instantly condensed into a massive palm, thrusting towards the continent below.

Every living creature on the continent felt a terrifying pressure coming down from the sky. They were frozen in fear and were unable to breathe.

The gigantic palm made of energy was approaching at an incredible speed, threatening to crush the entire continent below.


Right in the nick of time, all the arrays on the continent were activated. Several large arrays in a row formed light curtains that covered the entire continent.


The huge palm collided with the outermost layer of the light curtain.

The impact made by the collision created a huge roar that shook the surrounding space.

The energy that bounced back from the huge palm turned into a monstrous hurricane, roaring and raging in the sky.

"Arrays, huh? Do you think these can save your puny lives?

You're being too naive!"

the divine god in red said coldly as he stood firmly in the air.

He had actually known that there were arrays set up on the continents.

However, he didn't really pay much attention to these.

As a divine god, even the strongest arrays might not be able to hinder him.

"Destroy those annoying arrays!"

he quickly commanded his other companions.

Between heaven and earth, the rolling ruling power turned into a torrent, rushing over from every direction. It gathered above the continent and was condensed into countless gigantic hands.

They pressed together and slapped down the arrays all at the same time.

Tens of thousands of huge palms continuously struck down the continent below.

Boom! Boom!

The arrays took heavy blows that shook the sky and the ground.

Several layers of light curtains shone brightly as they protected the continent below.

The creatures inside were panicking as they didn't know how long the arrays would withstand the attacks from the divine gods.

Most of them were just lying on the ground, unable to breathe, and trembling with fear.

"Caroline, Ivy, Sue, this is a flying magic treasure left by Austin. This one is at the divine level.

But with your combined strength, you should be able to activate it.

If the arrays are destroyed, use this magic treasure to get out of here im

was like the universe was going to end.

Crack! Crack!

A few moments later, cracks began to appear on the light curtains due to the barrage of attacks from the divine gods.

The arrays were slowly collapsing.

"This is bad. The arrays are about to be destroyed.

We need to get out of here.

Don't try to fight them in any way.

They can kill us with just a single blow.

The only thing we can do now is hope that we escape safely from this place."

Kevin sent a message to all the creatures through his spiritual sense.

He specifically instructed the people to avoid going against the divine gods.

Especially the warriors like the Eight Stone Saints whom he knew were fearless and reckless. If they rushed out and faced the divine gods, they would die in an instant.

Crash! Boom!

Finally, the arrays all over the continents exploded and collapsed at the same time. Their fragments scattered all over the sky.

"Ha! Enjoy the taste of despair, you lowly creatures!"

The divine god in red couldn't help but laugh wildly.

Afterward, he conjured a huge hand and grabbed a continent below.

His horrifying aura as a divine god spread and enveloped the whole continent.

In just a flash, all the people on the continent were imprisoned by the divine god's power of order, ceasing their every movement.

Even if they wanted to escape, they couldn't move a single muscle.

"Damn it. I was too naive. We are this weak in front of the terrifying divine gods. We don't even have a brief chance to escape."

At the very moment, Kevin was full of desperation.

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