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   Chapter 3319 Exposed

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In the end, the conflict between the two sides was avoided, and they both decided to retreat.

The gods from the isolated alien space were guarding near the Yellow Cosmos. They continued to look for the weak spots on the space barrier and tried to break through by force and entering the cosmos.

The gods of the three thousand big and small universes were also doing the same thing.

There were also plenty of gods outside from other parts of the Sea of Chaos.

Everyone figured that the gods from the isolated alien spaces wanted to enter the Yellow Cosmos mostly to find the whereabouts of the Divine Being's World.

Therefore, no one was willing to fall behind others.

All the creatures knew that any living being would covet a supreme universe or even just a supreme world.

As a result, all the gods guarded the space barrier of the Yellow Cosmos, using all kinds of energy and secret techniques to create an entrance.

Sounds of explosions permeated the atmosphere.

The horrifying tide of energy, like an enormous wave from the ocean, splashed and echoed in the chaotic void.

However, the space barrier of the Yellow Cosmos was practically impenetrable.

It had been almost half a month and numerous gods had already summoned their best and their most unique omnipotent skills, and yet, none of them made any breakthrough.

The space barrier seemed unbreakable, and no one had the chance to enter!

"During their time, before they left the Yellow Cosmos, Parker, Emperor Haidar, Alethea and other peerless masters had spent a lot of time and energy to seal the place all up.

Even if a premium-grade divine god came, he might not be able to break through the space barrier of the Yellow Cosmos.

I think that this is merely a waste of our time and energy.

It's impossible for us to get through."

After countless attempts, some of the gods gave up and no longer persevered.

Instead, they spent their energy in looking for other avenues to find the Divine Being's World.

One of the many attempts was to send people to search for the chaotic void near the three thousand big and small universes in a carpet-like way.

The warriors they sent were at least at the Divine Realm.

Creatures at the Heaven Immortal Realm or lower had no ability to protect themselves in the Sea of Chaos at all. They wouldn't be ideal to be sent for this quest.

One fateful day, in their searching attempts, a Divine Realm master from the three thousand big and small universes accidentally broke into an abandoned cosmos.

It was very dilapidated and desolate.

The rules and order around it was in disarray and utterly broken, and t

hiding array appearing simultaneously.

Soon enough, more than ten arrays were formed to protect the whole continent.

These arrays were personally set up by the four gods, namely Master Morphy, Master Andreas, Master Lukyan, and Master Pascal.


The giant hand of the law power that the intruder had slapped was shattered by the terrifying array energy on the way.

Moreover, the surging energy of the array swept back into the sky and hit the master in return.

"What? !"

The Divine Realm master dramatically paled at the unexpected power. He didn't expect that there would be so many arrays at the divine level on this continent.

With his current strength, he couldn't deal with these arrays at all.

"You weaklings, just wait and see. You can't escape!"

The Divine Realm master swore, and then used his bodily movement skill to escape as fast as he could.

"Don't run away. You were so haughty and proud just now, weren't you?"

Provoking voices rang out on the continent.

Among them, there were eight creatures shouting with the loudest voice. They were the Eight Stone Saints!

"Bad news! We were found.

Once the news spreads out, those who have a grudge against Austin will definitely come here and attack us."

Looking at the receding figure of the Divine Realm master, Kevin frowned.

At this time, a large number of senior leaders of the Fallen Immortal Cosmos went to Kevin and discussed this matter.

Although they were thankful that the arrogant Divine Realm master was now out of their hairs, it still remained as a problem since he could tell anyone their whereabouts.

Everyone knew how serious this situation was.

Once a god descended into this abandoned cosmos, all the creatures here could immediately die.

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