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   Chapter 3317 Embarking On The Path Of Return

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Austin immediately used his spiritual sense.

However, the strange shadow emitted a mist of gloomy and blurry light, which made it difficult for Austin to see his true face.

The figure did not move an inch, nor did he release any terrible aura.

However, everyone felt their throat began to dry and their backs were suddenly stiffened.

"It's indeed a real Reincarnation Token..."

a faint voice echoed out of nowhere.

His tone was obscure and rigid. It seemed like he had not spoken for a long time.


The Reincarnation Token in Austin's hand began to shake. Then, it flew away quickly and fell into the figure's hand far away.

"Damn it!"

Austin's face turned pale with fright. He almost rushed over to try and take back his precious token.

The Reincarnation Token was too important to Austin.

However, his sanity told him that the mysterious figure in front of him must be extremely powerful.

In the distance, the figure caught the Reincarnation Token and looked at it carefully.


That's my token!

Please give it back to me,"

Austin shouted at the figure after he summoned up some courage.

There was no reply.

Then, the atmosphere froze for a moment.

The figure scrutinized the Reincarnation Token.

"When the Reincarnation Token reappears, the road of reincarnation reopens!

It looks like everything is destined to happen again."

The figure let out a deep and faint sigh.

Suddenly, he glanced at Austin coldly and asked, "Where did you get the Reincarnation Token?"

"Uhm... Where did I get it?"

Austin was taken aback and did not know how to respond.

He knew better than to tell the mysterious figure that he stole the token from a dead dragon.

"Forget it. It doesn't matter how you got this token. It must have decided anyway.

Maybe you are the chosen one,"

the figure said.

The next moment, something unexpected happened.


The Reincarnation Token sprung back and landed on Austin's hand.

"Go. This place is too dangerous,"

the figure warned Austin and waved his sleeve.

All of a sudden, The entire space began to spin around rapidly.

His body was enveloped by a huge and dynamic force, and was thrown far away at an astonishing speed.

The next moment, when Austin had come to his senses, he found himself standing at the edge of the World of Darkness.

Peterson came out of the Slave Tower and urged


Austin had seen all kinds of universes except for a supreme universe.

It was probably why he hadn't met a rare dragon or a phoenix.

"Of course.

However, supreme universes are highly exclusive. Ordinary creatures can't just enter those universes,"

Morphy said.

"I see."

Austin nodded.

"Master, are we going back home now?"

Austin looked at Peterson.

He began to miss the three thousand big and small universes, especially the creatures from the Fallen Immortal Cosmos. After all, it had been a long time since they left.

"Yes, we're heading back to the three thousand big and small universes first.

It's time to establish order among those universes.

Austin, after we settle matters there, let's go to a dangerous place and get some treasures together,"

Peterson said.

"A dangerous place? Get some treasures?"

Austin was stunned.

"That's right.

Teague has always wanted to know a secret from me for so many years. Well, it's something about that dangerous place.

That was why he was so relentless to attack me, but not kill me directly.

Let's talk about it later.

For now, let's return to the three thousand big and small universes first,"

Peterson said.

"Yes, it's chaotic in the three thousand big and small universes.

Even the Ancient Peace Agreement was destroyed by those despicable divine gods. We must teach them a lesson,"

Morphy said and gritted his teeth.

"Humph! I must avenge the Fallen Immortal Cosmos!"

Austin said coldly.

Then, they flew back towards the direction of the three thousand big and small universes.

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