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   Chapter 3316 A Headless Man

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At this particular moment, the two premium-grade divine gods were getting closer and closer to Austin. Pretty soon, they would be on him!

After Austin heard what Egbert had said, his eyes had turned a weird shade of cold.

There was a hint of danger in them.

"Austin, hurry up and leave. Those guys are about to catch up,"

Peterson urged him.

However, Austin stood still.

"What are you doing?"

Peterson and Morphy were both surprised. They hissed at the man for blatantly putting himself in harm's way.

"I'm going to teach these two old men a lesson,"

Austin replied.

"You can't match them!

How do you plan on defeating them at your current strength?

Once they catch up with you, they are going to kill you,"

Morphy warned.

"That may have been true outside.

But this is the World of Darkness."

Austin stood still and waited for the two cultivators to arrive.

"Ha-ha, Austin, you can't escape now!

This is the World of Darkness. Even we can just barely sense the surroundings. As for you, you are only a Divine Realm cultivator. Although, I must compliment you on being brave and bold enough to break in here."

The two premium-grade divine gods finally caught up with him, and Egbert sneered.

In the dark, deadly, and silent environment, they walked towards Austin step by step.

The latter stood completely still, looking very calm and speaking nothing at all.

"Brat, you can't escape this time!"

Kinsey told Austin with a sinister smile.

"You have been chasing me for a whole day now. You must enjoy the hunt, right?

But you are going to meet your doom soon,"

Austin said.


What do you mean? Meet our doom at whose hands? Just you?

I can crush you hundreds of times without even moving my fingers.

Come here!"

Egbert was confused by Austin's calm expression.

Unknown to them, Austin's spiritual sense had already targeted and locked on to three strands of hidden energy in a remote corner of his body.

These strands had been infused into his body by Egbert.

Each of them contained a highly powerful omnipotent skill.

When Egbert had given them to Austin, he was hoping that Austin could get the chaotic world tree for him.

That was the sole purpose behind granting Austin these skills.

Austin had never used them before.

But now w

e divine gods, their speed was extremely fast, especially when they ran with all their strength.

In a flash, they had disappeared.

The black horse that the headless man was sitting on neighed.

It began chasing in the direction where the two premium-grade divine gods had fled.

From the very beginning to the end, the headless man had ignored Austin.

Austin let out a long sigh of relief

after the headless man completely disappeared.

"Austin, what you did just now was way too risky.

It is fortunate that things didn't go south."

Peterson and Morphy were also relieved.

"They have been targeted by the headless man now. They are going to be seriously injured now, if they don't end up dead before that!"

Peterson remarked with a smile.

"They deserve it!"

Austin also felt relieved.

At that moment.

"Wait. Look, there seems to be a figure in that direction. I don't know how long it has been standing there. It is looking at us and just standing there motionlessly,"

Morphy said in a puzzled tone.

Immediately, Austin tried to sense the direction that Morphy was pointing at.

Peterson also released his spiritual sense to perceive what was going on.

Austin was easily able to sense the situation in the World of Darkness.

As a medium-grade divine god, Peterson could also vaguely sense a few things here.

"Sure enough! There's someone there!"

Austin and Peterson exclaimed.

In the direction Morphy had pointed stood a figure, completely motionless in the dark space, and staring at them non-stop.

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