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   Chapter 3315 Enter The World Of Darkness

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"I can't believe he dares to escape into the World of Darkness!"

Egbert shouted angrily.

As a premium-grade divine god, he was frustrated for failing to catch a young man. They had been playing cat and mouse for the whole day.

"The last time thousands of divine gods entered the World of Darkness because they were chasing Austin, many of them mysteriously disappeared.

I guess most of them must have died, while that brat Austin is still alive.

Something strange is happening right under our noses,"

Kinsey speculated.

"He must be hiding many secrets!"

Egbert said with exasperation in his tone.

The two premium-grade divine gods stood at the edge of the World of Darkness and looked into it closely.

"What do you think? Should we go inside?"

Kinsey asked.

Egbert, on the other hand, was hesitant.

After all, Cheefun from the Marvelous Cosmos had died there.

"Let's be careful as we try to catch up with them. As long as we don't go deep into the core area of the World of Darkness, we will be all right,"

Egbert said as he gritted his teeth after thinking for a while.

He was getting more and more frustrated for not being able to catch Austin.

In his eyes, Austin was just an ordinary cultivator at the Divine Realm. It surprised him that such a nobody would have the guts to enter the World of Darkness.

As a premium-grade divine god, he could not shrink back.

"Okay, but let's be careful. Once we find something wrong, we will come out immediately."

Kinsey nodded and finally agreed to enter the World of Darkness.

Thus, the two premium-grade divine gods warily set foot in the World of Darkness.

"Stay cautious. Let's try to keep a low profile."

They reminded each other. The two of them knew better than to release their auras so recklessly.

"I've found him! Let's go over there and get him!"

Not long after they entered the World of Darkness, Egbert had sensed Austin's location.

At that time, Austin was treading lightly in the World of Darkness.

On the other hand, the others had alrea

iff of the World of Darkness, '

Austin thought to himself.

Soon, the two premium-grade divine gods were getting closer and closer to Austin.

"Austin, I know Peterson is your master and you two get along very well.

I've investigated Peterson's background and found out that he comes from the three thousand big and small universes. Ha-ha!

You must be affiliated there too.

Well, you'd better not try to run away this time.

You know you can't escape from me.

If you don't surrender at this instant, I will head off to the three thousand big and small universes to find your hometown.

By then, all of your loved ones won't be able to run away. I will make sure that they all suffer because of you.

Think about it."

Egbert's voice rang out in Austin's Soul Sea in a threatening manner.

'Damn it!

This old man already knows that I come from the three thousand big and small universes!

Things are getting out of hand now, '

Austin thought to himself.

It was known to all that provoking a premium-grade divine god was abominable.

If Egbert made his way to the three thousand big and small universes, everyone related to Austin would face the terrible wrath of a formidable premium-grade divine god.

Therefore, after hearing what Egbert said, Austin was at a loss for what to do.

The people he cared about were his biggest weakness.

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