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   Chapter 3314 Entering The World Of Darkness Again

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10062

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"That brat! Go after him!"

Without wasting any time, Egbert turned into a bolt of lightning and rushed into the Sea of Chaos like a blazing shooting star.

Another premium-grade divine god quickly followed him.

The two of them firmly believed that Austin was carrying several great treasures, including the chaotic world tree, which they longed for. They would do whatever it took just to capture him.

Meanwhile, in a distance, an airship was moving at full speed.

Inside, Austin and the others were breathing heavily after escaping such a dangerous moment.

"That was so close!"

Thinking of what just happened, Austin still felt a lingering fear creeping beneath his skin.

He couldn't help but admit that a premium-grade divine god was on a whole other level of terrifying.

"I really hope that we can escape from this. It's no laughing matter to provoke two premium-grade divine gods! Worst comes to worst, we're really doomed this time,"

Peterson blurted with a serious look on his face.

Naturally, the others also wore a worried look on their faces.

Suddenly, something alerted them that got them on their feet.


An overwhelming wave of tremendous energy flooded towards the airship like a vast ocean.

Behind them, two figures were hurriedly catching up to their airship at an astonishing speed.

"Oh crap!

They've caught up to us again? These guys are so persistent!"

Everyone in the airship was trembling insanely.

"Austin, surrender quietly. You won't be able to escape anyway!

I advise that you cooperate with us and hand over the things that we want."

Egbert's low and gloomy voice came from afar and echoed in the airship.

"Huh? You're the one who should give up, old man. You're not getting anything from me!"

Austin shouted back.

Peterson desperately controlled and maneuvered the airship as he tried his best to escape from their pursuers.

"Well, don't regret it later,"

Egbert snorted coldly, annoyed at Austin's stubbornness.

"Let's see if you can escape from this!"

He clenched his fist and punched it in the space towards Austin's airship.


The space where the airship was located was immediately imprisoned by a terrifying law power.

Tens of thousands sparkling chains of law power emerged and entangled around the airship.

This caused the airship to cease all its movements.

"Damn! Our airship was caught again!"

They quickly noticed that Egbert did something to stop their airship from moving forward.

Everyone felt horrified as they experienced the power of a premium-grade divine god.

Then, Egbert started grabbing the airship from afar.

"Come back here!"

Holding the airship, Egbert pulled it towards him with such ease.

Instead of moving forward, Austin and the others all felt that the airship they were on was going backward at a fast speed.

"This is bad! We have to get out of here."

Austin immediately took out his Reincarnation Token and a lot of spatial cr

in and the others.

In this crucial moment, Austin convinced them once more of his plan.

"We're running out of time. We have to make the decision right now!" he strongly urged them.

"Okay then. We don't have any other choice."

Peterson and Morphy finally agreed.

Austin's other companions made up their minds and agreed as well.

At the back of their minds, they knew that it was still better to risk going into the World of Darkness than be captured inevitably by the two premium-grade divine gods.

The World of Darkness possessed a different kind of horror, but at least, they knew that there might be a glimmer of hope.

After all, the last time they went into it, Austin managed to bring them out of there safely.

Now, there was a saying circulating in the Sea of Chaos stating that the stronger a person was, the more dangerous it would be for him to be in the World of Darkness.

And the weaker creatures wouldn't be in much danger if they went in there.

"Austin, I really hope that you can still take us out of that place safely this time around,"

Peterson said with a faint smile.

"Don't worry.

When did he ever let us down?"

Hare butted in, confident at Austin's capabilities.

The others also looked at Austin with expectant eyes. They had no other choice but to entrust him all their lives.

Another day had passed.

"At last, the World of Darkness is right ahead of us!"

Austin's eyes were burning with determination.

In the distance, the endless darkness stared back at him. It was a vast abyss blocking their way.

"They're close to catching up to us.

Full speed ahead!"

Austin ordered promptly.

Gritting his teeth, Peterson controlled the airship and plunged directly into the World of Darkness.

"Seriously? Did they just rush into the World of Darkness?"

Behind them, the two powerful figures suddenly stopped. There was a mixed expression of surprise and fury on their faces as Austin's airship vanished in the darkness.

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