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   Chapter 3313 Catching Up

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"Teague caused this entire situation, right?"

Egbert clarified.

"Exactly! It's all about Teague!

Peterson, a medium-grade divine god from the outside world, has a grudge against our sect's Elder Teague. It's all Peterson's fault!"

Enigmatic Sect's leader bitterly spat out.

"Got it. You can leave the rest to the two of us. You can go back to the headquarters and clear up. Don't worry about it.

I'll avenge your Enigmatic Sect,"

assured Egbert.

"If... If Master Egbert promises, then we'll do as you say."

Although some doubts popped up in the Enigmatic Sect's leader's mind, he wouldn't dare to question Egbert's order, so he hurriedly agreed.

A moment later, the Celestial Cyan Kingdom's two premium-grade divine gods disappeared at the same time.


All the senior members of the Enigmatic Sect quickly surrounded their leader.

"Master Egbert and Master Kinsey have lived in seclusion for so many years and rarely cared about the happenings around. Isn't this too strange?

Logically speaking, they'd only interfere if the situation would affect the very life and death of the entire cosmos.

For both of them, our sect's issues are next to nothing.

Yet, they both arrived to avenge our Enigmatic Sect in person.

What could be their real reason?"

an old man with white hair asked.

"It must have something to do with that Austin boy,"

another elder quietly mused.

All the Enigmatic Sect's senior members knew about Austin.

"Rumor has it that this Austin found the chaotic world tree in the ancient relic. He even led thousands of divine gods to their deaths in the World of Darkness."

"It must be because of Austin that Master Egbert and Master Kinsey came out."

A heated discussion erupted between most of the sect's senior members.

"Stop it.

Master Egbert and Master Kinsey must have their reasons, and it'd be better if we don't randomly throw our opinions around. If we displease the two masters, it'll be big trouble."

Their leader hurriedly shushed them.

"You're right!"

Fear flashed through all the senior members.

There was no doubt that the two premium-grade divine gods were the absolute rulers of the Celestial Cyan Kingdom. No one dared to provoke the two superior beings that controlled this entire cosmos.

"Let's go! Let's head back to the headquarters first."

With a wave of his hand, the leader of the Enigmatic Sect led the group of senior members back to their headquarters.

At the same time, an airship was moving at its top speed in the Sea of Chaos, just outside the Celestial Cyan Kingdom.

"The situation


Outside the airship, an overwhelming law power constantly surged onto the airship like endless stormy waves.

The law power was trying to block the Reincarnation Token's power.

"Really? Even the Reincarnation Token can't take me away this time?

This is not good!"

Austin's heart was pounding in his chest.

After a moment, Austin suddenly realized something.

"Everyone! Take out all the spatial crystals you have with you and give them to me!"

Austin desperately shouted.

Anxiety filled all the divine gods in the Slave Tower and they quickly handed over all their spatial crystals to Austin.

An intense vacuum-like force burst out of the Reincarnation Token as it thirstily sucked up all the energy from the spatial crystals.

"Ha-ha! You can't escape anymore, Austin. Don't bother."

A smile painted Egbert's lips as he appeared next to the airship.

"You're really something at such a young age.

You already caused so much trouble!"

Kinsey sneered, standing next to his fellow premium-grade divine god.

"Let's talk about it when we get back,"

said Egbert. With a wave of his hand, the airship continuously shrank under the great force from his palm. In just one step, he strode back to the Celestial Cyan Kingdom with the airship in his grasp.

However, the next moment, he found something unexpected.

"See you later, Egbert!"

Austin's voice echoed from inside the airship.


" Egbert was aghast.

Once he sensed that there was no more sign of Austin in the airship, his expression drastically changed.


The airship exploded into tiny pieces with a simple clench of his palm.

Countless pieces flew through the air.

However, not a soul remained in the airship.

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