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   Chapter 3312 Alerting The Premium-grade Divine Gods

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6898

Updated: 2020-06-23 03:59

The senior leaders of the Enigmatic Sect consisted of about five medium-grade and dozens of preliminary-grade divine gods. They all roared angrily throughout the Celestial Cyan Kingdom, and soon attracted the attention of the whole cosmos.

The two premium-grade divine gods of the Celestial Cyan Kingdom also heard them.

Although they had spent most of their time cultivating in the deepest part of the cosmos, they still monitored everything using their minds.

"What's going on, Hugo? Did something happen to the Enigmatic Sect?"

A voice rang out in the Soul Sea of the Enigmatic Sect's leader.

"Sir, the headquarters of our sect has been robbed and burnt by a group of villains.

We are looking for them now,"

answered Hugo respectfully.

He recognized the owner of the voice that rang in his Soul Sea. It was Egbert Zhuge.

He was one of the two premium-grade divine gods and the real ruler of the Celestial Cyan Kingdom.

All powerful sects in this kingdom had to be recognized by the two premium-grade divine gods first before they could have the chance to exist and grow stronger.

Moreover, the leaders of the several powerful sects here were trained by the two divine gods, so they could be considered as their trusted subordinates.

And Hugo was one of them.

"Really? Let me check on it,"

replied Egbert.

The next moment, a wave of astonishing spiritual sense force appeared in the starry sky of the Celestial Cyan Kingdom and instantly enveloped the whole universe.

A terrifying aura burst out and filled the whole universe at the fastest speed.

All living creatures in the Celestial Cyan Kingdom felt terrified by the horrifying aura.

The atmosphere in the universe suddenly changed.

No one dared to make a sound, as everyone fell silent in shock.

It was as if an ancient emperor was paying a visit, and wherever he went, all the irrelevant people must get out of his way quietly.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the starry sky of the Celestial Cyan Kingdom, Austin was activating the Reincarnation Token an

ver from afar.

Then angry figures also rushed towards the starry sky one after another.

They were the senior leaders of the Enigmatic Sect who were still chasing Austin.

Just like the two premium-grade divine gods, they had also sensed his aura, so they took a plunge there with all their might.

"Mr. Egbert. Mr. Kinsey," greeted Hugo, the leader of the Enigmatic Sect.

He was the first to notice that the two premium-grade divine gods were also there. He was surprised but also pleased to see them.

"We're glad to meet you, sirs!"

The other senior members of the Enigmatic Sect bowed respectfully to the two premium-grade divine gods.

"Sir, our headquarters was robbed and burnt down by a group of foreign bandits. It had been turned into ruins. We suffered countless casualties and heavy losses.

Among them were two medium-grade divine gods, a dozen preliminary-grade divine gods, and a large number of Divine Realm masters.

We have been chasing them for more than half a day now, but we couldn't catch them,"

said Hugo, sounding a little depressed.

What happened to them was definitely depressing. Their headquarters was ruined, and they lost almost all of their members. Moreover, they had been looking for the perpetrators, but they failed to catch them.

Every time he thought about it, he felt extremely aggrieved and humiliated.

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