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   Chapter 3311 Gone Without A Trace

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7160

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"Who are you? How dare you make trouble in our headquarters!"

Several preliminary-grade divine gods of the Enigmatic Sect, who were cultivating in seclusion, rushed out of the cultivation rooms immediately. Their eyes widened at the sight of the headquarters that turned into a sea of raging fire.

They were all senior leaders who stayed to guard the headquarters.

"It's me, your dearest grandpa! Ha-ha!"

Andreas shouted with great confidence and pounced on them.

The other divine gods also rushed over and helped him besiege the preliminary-grade divine gods of the Enigmatic Sect.

"You're courting death. You are not in a place where you can just be presumptuous!"

Although they were shocked by the sudden siege, the preliminary-grade divine gods of the Enigmatic Sect didn't show any sign of shrinking back.

"Hurry up! Go and call the leader and the other masters back. Tell them it's urgent,"

shouted someone at the top of his lungs.

Austin and the hundreds of the Divine Realm slaves were still setting fire and plundering everywhere they went.

Since Andreas and the other divine gods had blocked these few preliminary-grade divine gods, Austin was able to dive deep into the headquarters without any obstacle.

The Enigmatic Sect had a powerful Sect-protecting Array, which was passed down to them from ancient times, so it was capable of stopping any medium-grade divine gods from breaking into their headquarters.

However, this Sect-protecting Array was designed to only defend the headquarters from enemies attacking from the outside.

Since Austin and his companions didn't break in from the outside, the Sect-protecting Array failed to work on them.

Austin had already known about this beforehand.

His cultivation base on earth exploration was great, so he sensed that there was a very powerful array hidden under the ground surrounding the whole headquarters of the Enigmatic Sect.

"I can feel a cultivation cave on that mountain, which is spraying colorful lights now.

It must be the cultivation cave of the high-level masters of the Enigmatic Sect. I need to go and take a look."

ivated it directly.


The Reincarnation Token burst out a powerful teleportation power and rushed into the void with Austin.

"Stop him!"

"Stay here!"

"You can't just leave like that!"

Just as Austin was about to disappear, some huge hands reached out from afar and grabbed him.

The runes of orders and laws immediately took over the entire space and tied it up by a terrible law power.

Soon enough, the entire space surrounding the headquarters of the Enigmatic Sect was completely condensed, like a large ice block.

However, it didn't have any impact on the Reincarnation Token. It just took Austin away and disappeared in the void without any trace.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

These senior leaders of the Enigmatic Sect launched attacks towards the void where he disappeared. They were all gnashing their teeth in rage.

There was a great explosion.

Only a huge vacuum was left. It was pitch dark and deathly silent. Nothing was there, even space and time.

"Go after him!"

Without any hesitation, the senior leaders all turned around and rushed out of the headquarters.

They released their spiritual sense to perceive the whole space to track Austin down.

"You will die! All of you will go to hell, bastards!"

They feel nothing but anger, and their roars alarmed the entire Celestial Cyan Kingdom.

The chaos was too big that even two premium-grade divine gods were alerted.

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