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   Chapter 3310 Breaking Into The Headquarters Of The Enigmatic Sect

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I've heard that there are two chaotic divine herbs that have been living in the headquarters of the Enigmatic Sect. There are also more than a dozen mines there. Let's go and snatch them all!"

said Peterson, laughing maliciously.

"Really? That's something we should not miss. Master, let's go there now!"

Austin's eyes lit up as he heard Peterson's words.

He had already seen the chaotic divine herb in the prehistoric relic before.

At that time, the chaotic world tree was hidden in a secluded space in a new world. But aside from the chaotic world tree, there were also a dozen chaotic divine herbs there.

However, he only paid attention to the chaotic world tree.

And when he finished collecting it, the dozen of chaotic divine herbs just disappeared.

He didn't expect that there were two of them in the headquarters of the Enigmatic Sect.

"Now, I know why you have chosen Peterson to be your master. You two are very much alike,"

said Morphy with a sigh as he stared at Peterson and Austin.

While they were talking, they suddenly felt some strong auras approaching them from the void at a distance. The atmosphere in the starry sky of the universe became depressed.

"The masters of the Enigmatic Sect are coming! Austin, we have to go now,"

said Peterson.

Austin nodded and immediately activated the Reincarnation Token. Wrapped in a teleportation force, he rushed into the void and disappeared in an instant.

Boom! Boom!

Many powerful figures came out of the void and landed into the starry sky.

"Where are they? Don't tell me that they run away again,"

exclaimed a middle-aged man with an impressive appearance as he pulled a long face. He instantly shrouded the starry sky with his spiritual sense. After searching the whole surroundings inch by inch, he unfortunately found nothing.

The other senior members of the Enigmatic Sect also released their spiritual senses to examine the situation in all directions.

"I'm sure that they have seen us coming. I think they have a very excellent teleportation magic treasure.

Otherwise, we could have detected them. Even medium-grade divine gods couldn't teleport in front of us without any trace.

It's impossible that they have avoided our spiritual senses,"

said an old

vine Realm and below.

Obviously, their powers were not enough to resist Austin's flying sword.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Not only the members of the Enigmatic Sect, but also those tall and magnificent buildings were constantly exploding after being hit by the flying sword. In an instant, the sky rained with bricks and stones.

The headquarters that used to look like a fairyland earlier was in a total mess now.

Screams, howls, and cries for help could be heard everywhere as countless buildings continued to roar and rumble.

Indeed, it was such a horrible scene to behold!

"No one should be left alive!"

Andreas, Lukyan, Pascal, and Fletcher, who were preliminary-grade divine gods, also fought endlessly.

Each of them was using a powerful omnipotent skill that resulted in an astonishing number of casualties in just a short time.

Peterson and Morphy, who were medium-grade divine gods, had already used their bodily movement skills and rushed towards the place where the mines and the chaotic divine herbs were hidden.

Peterson had befriended Teague in the past, and he was able to stay in the headquarters of the Enigmatic Sect for a while, so he was very familiar with it.

"Rob everything, kill everyone, and burn the whole place!" Austin commanded.

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of Divine Realm masters rushed out in all directions. They immediately grabbed any treasures they saw and killed anyone along their way. After making sure that no one was left, they started to set fire everywhere.

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