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   Chapter 3308 Austin's Attack

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With a bustling sound, two figures suddenly appeared in the secret room.


Teague's eyes were easily caught by one of the figures. He couldn't believe that the day to finally face Peterson again had come so unexpectedly.

"Why? Did you miss me?

Guess what? It's payback time, Teague!"

Peterson's eyes were burning in anger. He couldn't wait to teach this guy a lesson.

The thought that he had trusted this traitor for so many years infuriated him. He was trembling in rage as he remembered how this guy managed to betray him and almost get him killed.

"You old bastard! How dare you!

This place is an important and restricted area within the Enigmatic Sect. What makes you think that you can just break in here without permission?"

Teague felt a slight shiver as he perceived that Peterson seemed to have recovered his original strength.

He clearly knew that he was just a preliminary-grade divine god, while Peterson was a medium-grade one.

"Really? You wanted me to ask for permission first? I didn't know you were such a funny guy.

You want me to ask for permission too before I kill you?!"

With a thunderous roar, Peterson rushed towards Teague.

At the same time, Morphy dashed and approached Teague from another direction. The speed of the two medium-grade divine gods was as fast as lightning.

"I hate to admit it, but this person is very cunning.

We have to hit him with one decisive strike, or he'll give us a hard time!"

Peterson shouted at Morphy, his eyes still focused at Teague.

The two managed to surround Teague in an instant. Their murderous intents were oozing as they were eager to crush him to pieces with one swift fatal blow.

"Ha-ha! Don't think that it'll be that easy to kill me!"

Teague composed himself, quickly created a formula, and threw it in front of him.


Immediately, a defense array with a tremendous aura appeared.

He did not stop there. Teague created another formula.


An attacking array appeared afterward.

He used many formulas in succession and activated several various kinds of arrays.

Each array was at the divine level, emitting brilliant and terrifying waves of energy.

In an instant, the arrays blocked Peterson and Morphy just before they reached Teague.

"Humph! What a coward!

I didn't expect you to be so afraid of death. You've set up all these arrays in your own secret cultivation room?!"

Peterson snorted with a livid face. He didn't expect that Teague would be so quick-witted.

"Ha! Do you think I'm dumb? After you escaped, I knew that you would definitely come back for my head.

Of course, I have to be fully pr

c treasures at the divine level surfaced in the air. They were activated all at once and bombarded Teague with powerful attacks.

As Austin broke through to the Divine Realm, it became much easier for him to activate such high-level kinds of magic treasures.

Teague was quite surprised to be on the receiving end of such numerous simultaneous attacks.

He didn't expect that Austin could still exhibit such tenacity while being restrained by his divine god aura.

Earlier, he was so convinced that if he, a divine god, were to face a warrior of the Divine Realm, the gap in power would be so unimaginably huge.

Therefore, he didn't foresee that Austin could still resist and make a counterattack at such a crucial moment.

Crash! Splat!

Teague's huge hand was cut into pieces by Austin's flying sword.

It continued moving forward, dragging thousands of dense sword waves towards Teague's neck.

Seeing that the sword was aiming to decapitate him, Teague finally came back to his senses.

For a moment, his mind blanked out as he couldn't believe how Austin was able to pull off such a remarkable stunt.

"That's impossible! How? You're just a weak brat! You're like a persistent insect that couldn't be killed!"

Teague was frightened and furious at the same time. His face darkened and his nostrils were flaring.

"You think you already got me?!" Teague roared like a ferocious beast. Crash! Boom!

As he waved his hand, Austin's magic treasures were cast aside one by one.

At the same time, wave-like spiritual sense energy surged out from his body and blocked the strings that were attacking from various directions.

However, he still wasn't able to deal with Austin's flying sword. "I need to keep my guards up for that annoying sword of his."

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