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   Chapter 3307 I'm Back For You

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8874

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There was a time when divine gods were sacred and untouchable to Austin.

But now, he had the potential to become a divine god himself!

"Don't worry, master. I will try my best to become a divine god as soon as possible!"

Austin said passionately as he clenched his fists.

"Only a divine god has the capability to protect himself from the perils of the Sea of Chaos.

Austin, as you grow stronger and stronger, you will come to realize that you must not limit yourself to a certain universe. The vast Sea of Chaos will become an avenue for you to explore the wonders of your power,"

Morphy told Austin.

"I understand, Master Morphy."

Austin nodded.

Both Peterson the Taoist Ancestor and Master Morphy hoped in good faith that Austin would soon reach his maximum potential.

Austin was very grateful to the two of them.

"Well, Austin, you have made a breakthrough.

Now, we are ready to enter the Celestial Cyan Kingdom!"

Peterson the Taoist Ancestor exclaimed and looked in the direction of the Celestial Cyan Kingdom.

His eyes flashed with coldness at the thought of Teague.

At that time, they were only a stone's throw away from the Celestial Cyan Kingdom.

Half a day had passed.

A huge platform appeared in the chaotic void.

There was a huge portal on the platform.

Every universe in the Sea of Chaos had a space platform established outside as the entrance to its portal.

In the distance, an airship suddenly stopped.

Then, three figures came out one by one.

They were Austin, Morphy, and Peterson the Taoist Ancestor.

Peterson the Taoist Ancestor waved his sleeve and put away the airship.

The others stayed inside the airship.

"You two go into my spatial treasure, while I enter the Celestial Cyan Kingdom,"

Austin said to Peterson and Morphy.

Immediately, Peterson the Taoist Ancestor and Master Morphy entered the Slave Tower.

Then, Austin took out the Reincarnation Token and activated it right away.

During their last visit, Austin had recorded the location of the Celestial Cyan Kingdom into the Reincarnation Token. Thus, in the present circumstance, he could use it directly.

In an instant, Austin disappeared with the Reincarnation Token.

A moment later, he appeared in the sky of the Celestial Cyan Kingdom.

"We're in!"

Austin was overjoyed.

The Reincarnation Token did not disappoint him. Even the space barrier of the Celestial Cyan Kingdom could be traversed freely!

"Austin, your chaotic magic treasure is really powerful!"

Peterson the Taoist Ancestor and Morphy appeared beside Austin, and spoke highly of the Reincarnation Token.


instant, the Reincarnation Token took Austin into the void and disappeared.

Peterson the Taoist Ancestor and Master Morphy had entered the Slave Tower in advance.

The Reincarnation Token could only take Austin along to travel through different universes.

The rest of them had to enter the spatial treasure before Austin could take them through the space teleportation.

Meanwhile in Teague's secret chamber, he sat with his legs crossed and his eyes closed.

However, he still couldn't calm down.

From time to time, he could not help but think of Peterson the Taoist Ancestor.

Ever since Peterson the Taoist Ancestor got out of his clutches, Teague had been enraged, relentless, and a little frightened.

He had no reason to believe that Peterson the Taoist Ancestor wouldn't come back one day to get even with him.

Moreover, he knew very well that Peterson the Taoist Ancestor would never forgive him for what he had done.

"Humph! Peterson, you old scalawag, even if you return to take your revenge, what can you do to me?

The chances that you regain your full strength as a medium-grade divine god is high, but you still won't be able to enter the headquarters of the Enigmatic Sect easily.

There are more than a dozen medium-grade divine gods in our sect!

Moreover, the two premium-grade divine gods in the Celestial Cyan Kingdom are sure to back up our Enigmatic Sect. Peterson, if you dare to go back to avenge yourself, you are really courting death!"

Teague shouted in the secret room.

It was obvious that he was still very uneasy and upset.

All of a sudden, he noticed something unusual.

"Oh? You really think so?

But I'm here.

I'd like to see who will die in the end, you or me?"

A voice suddenly echoed.

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