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   Chapter 3306 A Successful Breakthrough

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In the airship moving swiftly in the Sea of Chaos, Peterson took out a pile of divine crystals that floated in front of Austin.

Those divine crystals had come from the Heavenly Crater Mine.

"Austin, you are currently at the premium stage of Heaven Immortal Realm.

You have fought many fierce battles during your days as a heaven immortal, and you have even fought with many formidable divine gods. I believe you will soon make a breakthrough.

Absorb these divine crystals. These may help you break through to the next level,"

Peterson said.

He was quite familiar with Austin's vital energy realm. In the past, it was he and Hare who helped Austin break through to the Genuine Immortal Realm.

"Master, you are right. I did vaguely feel an opportunity to break through.

However, these divine crystals have the energy at the divine level and are only used for the cultivation of divine gods.

Can I absorb them given my current level?"

Austin asked curiously.

"Your case is a little special. Your spiritual sense is very close to that of a preliminary-grade divine god.

The fighting power of your cultivation base of swordsmanship is also akin to that of a preliminary-grade divine god.

Moreover, the vital energy in your body is much stronger than that of ordinary cultivators at the same level. Even many cultivators at the Divine Realm may not be as vigorous as you.

Thus, I do believe, in good faith, that you can cultivate with divine crystals.

Of course, you have to proceed in an orderly manner. Absorb a small amount first, and when your body can withstand it, you can gradually increase the dose,"

Peterson said.

"Peterson is right.

Austin, with your prodigious strength, the divine crystals can significantly aid in your cultivation,"

Morphy added.

"Hmm. Okay.

I see,"

Austin replied with a nod.

Then, he took a large number of divine crystals into a secret room in the airship and began to cultivate in seclusion.

To his surprise, he discovered that he could really absorb the divine crystals.

He was so overjoyed that he began his cultivation with a positive attitude.

Three days later...

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Dark clouds gathered above the airship and heavy thunder bellowed after streaks of lightning reverberated from the sky.

Dazzling thick thunderbolts flashed erratically around the airship.

"Austin has encountered the Thunderstroke Doom!"

Inside the airship, everyone became ecstatic.

Then, the door of the secret room slammed open.

Like a phantom, Austin flashed out and headed towards the roof of the airship.

The airship was a high-level flying magic treasure. It was well-equipped with all kinds of brilliant arrays, including the defense arrays, isolation arrays, and invisibility arrays.

Austin knew that there were two dire possibilities if he went through the Thunderstroke Doom inside the airship. First, he could attract tumultuous thunder and perpetua


"Wait, what is that? It's a huge white cocoon!"

Peterson and Morphy were dumbstruck.

After the fire was completely extinguished, there was no trace of Austin.

However, there was a white cocoon that hovered in the air.

"It's the cocoon of supreme enlightenment!"

Morphy exclaimed in surprise.

"That's right. During the ancient times, when exceptional cultivators were tested by the fire of supreme enlightenment, they would take the opportunity to absorb its essence in order to enhance their own law power.

I didn't expect Austin could also do that.

That's impressive,"

Peterson exclaimed with amazement.

Another five days had passed.


The white cocoon suddenly exploded. Immediately afterwards, Austin broke out and floated in the air.

His body had seemingly absorbed the cocoon's silk skin.

"The Divine Realm!"

Using his mind, Austin released an energy from his body, which caused the chaotic void to rumble.

"Austin, quick! Show me your law power,"

Peterson said hastily.


Austin nodded. Then, he stretched out his hand and pointed to one direction.

The next moment, in an area of a hundred million miles in that direction, everything was petrified.

The space was like a gigantic and transparent ice block.

It was completely sealed off!

Then, Austin moved his fingers slightly.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The space began to explode, and it was constantly damaged beyond recognition.

"Austin, your current cultivation base of law power has surpassed that of all the Divine Realm cultivators!

At your rate, you are only a stone's throw away to becoming a preliminary-grade divine god.

You should hurry and focus on cultivating next.

I'm looking forward to seeing you light the sacred fire and become a god!"

Peterson said with excitement.

Morphy also cast an encouraging glance at Austin.

"Become a god?"

Hearing what Peterson said, Austin was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

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