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   Chapter 3305 The Flying Phoenix Sect Joined

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An airship was traveling in the midst of empty space inside the Sea of Chaos.

Inside the airship were men from the Flying Phoenix Sect and a couple of divine gods.

"Sirs, the Flying Phoenix Sect will follow you from now on!"

Fletcher said to both Morphy and Peterson the Taoist Ancestor, the two medium-grade divine gods.

Beside Fletcher stood the senior leaders of the Flying Phoenix Sect.

Their sect was only an ordinary sect in the Ancient Mysterious Dragon Kingdom. Meanwhile its leader, Fletcher, along with the other senior leaders, were only preliminary-grade divine gods.

Having witnessed the power of Morphy and Peterson the Taoist Ancestor in a fight against the Whirling Sect, Fletcher couldn't help but be in awe of their prowess.

That was why they were willing to follow the two medium-grade divine gods.

"Follow us? Let me put it this way. That guy is the master of the Fallen Immortal Cosmos, one of the cosmos in the three thousand big and small universes.

In fact, maybe I'll settle down in his cosmos in the future.

Why don't you ask him instead if he's willing to take you in?"

Peterson the Taoist Ancestor said while pointing at Austin.

"Ha ha, that's right."

Morphy laughed with Peterson.

"Well ?"

Fletcher and the senior leaders of Flying Phoenix Sect were all equally stunned as they looked at Austin in confusion.

"Austin? Are you really the master of a cosmos?"

Fletcher couldn't believe what he just heard.

A master should be the most powerful being in his cosmos.

Fletcher believed that he must be at least at the level of a divine god.

But how could someone at the Heaven Immortal Realm be the master of a cosmos?

Although Fletcher knew that Austin was actually stronger than he seemed to be, he still couldn't believe that Austin was the master of a cosmos.

"Well... Sect Leader Fletcher, according to the standards of the world and cosmos, the Fallen Immortal Cosmos is nothing but a trash cosmos,"

Austin explained to Fletcher.

"I see," the sect leader replied.

Fletcher and the senior leaders of Flying Phoenix Sect were suddenly enlightened.

It made sense if Austin was the master of a trash-leveled cosmos.

It was general knowledge that a divine god couldn't be born

done for.

As for killing Teague, it is not a big deal.

As long as I am at the right distance, I can kill him with one slap!"

said Peterson the Taoist Ancestor.

"That's right.

Peterson, with your current strength, it's not difficult for you to kill Teague at all.

The fact of the matter is that we have to be very careful when sneaking inside the Celestial Cyan Kingdom. After killing our target, we should get out as quick as possible in order to avoid fighting the divine gods."

Hare nodded.

Then, Peterson the Taoist Ancestor and Hare looked at Austin, hoping he would help them.

"Don't worry, master.

I've already memorized the spatial location of the Celestial Cyan Kingdom. We can directly teleport in and out of the kingdom.

There will be no problem."

Austin assured them.

"Okay, Austin. I was waiting for that answer!

Let's go to the Celestial Cyan Kingdom now.

After killing Teague, we will immediately set off for the three thousand big and small universes.

I hope the three thousand big and small universes isn't in much chaos right now,"

said Peterson the Taoist Ancestor.

With that, the airship sped up towards Celestial Cyan Kingdom.

"Shepard, this trip to Celestial Cyan Kingdom might be dangerous.

You don't have to come with us.

I'll give you an airship. You can go back to your cosmos,"

Austin said to Shepard.

"No! Austin, let me come with you!

I'm not going anywhere without you until I broaden my horizons!"

said Shepard.

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