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   Chapter 3303 The Heavenly Crater Mine

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Austin immediately told this to Morphy and Peterson the Taoist Ancestor through his spiritual sense.

The two of them were also stunned after they received Austin's message.

"Austin, please tell the two elders, that if they agree, I can give them the Heavenly Crater Mine as a gift!"

Fletcher said with gritted teeth. He had to make such a decision, seeing Austin looking very hesitant.

Fletcher felt afraid of communicating with Morphy and Peterson the Taoist Ancestor directly. They were two medium-grade divine gods, after all. He could get through to them only with Austin's help.

Through his observation, different from his initial impression of the young man, he found that Austin was actually easy to get along with.

"Wait, what did you say? You will give the Heavenly Crater Mine as a gift?

Sect Leader Fletcher, we are about to leave the Ancient Mysterious Dragon Kingdom. How can you give the mine to us? Can you take the Heavenly Crater Mine with you and go with us?"

Austin asked in confusion.

"That's right. If the two medium-grade divine gods work together with me, we can peel the Heavenly Crater Mine from where it is right now and take it wherever we go!"

Fletcher replied with confidence.

"We can really do that?"

Austin was still in disbelief. This was the first time in his life that he had heard of such a thing.

With much excitement, Austin immediately relayed the information to Morphy and Peterson the Taoist Ancestor.

"Austin, accept his offer before he changes his mind!

The divine mine is extremely valuable!"

Both Morphy and Peterson the Taoist Ancestor were ecstatic and agreed to accept Fletcher's proposal.

"Sect Leader Fletcher, the two elders have agreed."

Austin passed on the confirmation to Fletcher through his spiritual sense.

"That's good! I'll gather the people of the Flying Phoenix Sect right now.

Then I'll lead the way to the Heavenly Crater Mine and take the Heavenly Crater Mine along with the two elders. Then we can leave the Ancient Mysterious Dragon Kingdom together,"

Fletcher said happily.

Then he immediately sent a message to all the people in the headquarters of the Flying Phoenix Sect to pack up and get ready to leave as soon as possible.

Flying Phoenix City was the headquarters of the Flying Phoenix Sect, making it very convenient for all the members of the Flying Phoenix Sect to get prepared quickly and effectively.

As soon as Fletcher gave the order, all the people of the Flying Phoenix Sect took action immediately and got ready in no time.

In just a short period of time, almost everything within the Flying Phoenix City had been removed, packed and loaded.

Some important figures of the Flying Phoenix Sect who were not in the headquarters also received the message. They all returned to the Flying Phoenix City through their teleportation arrays at different strongholds and rallied in the Flying Phoenix City in a very short time.

Austin couldn't help but secretly admire the overall management and organization of the Flying Phoenix Sect. Whatever it lacked in strengt

ken continent floating in the starry sky.

From a distance, streaks of divine radiance constantly shot out from the ground, lighting up the sky around it.

"There are indeed several vessels of divine crystal!

And they are large and abundant!"

Both Morphy and Peterson the Taoist Ancestor were ecstatic. Their eyes lit up in anticipation.

Vessels of divine crystal were very precious, especially the large ones. Even medium-grade divine gods would crave for it.

"Two sirs, the Heavenly Crater Mine has a very long history in our Sky Phoenix World.

We have been mining it in a controlled manner, so that the divine mine can have time to replenish and be restored from time to time. Because of this system that we developed, it has been preserved very well over the years.

Moreover, during the long-term process, in order to make it convenient for mining, we have deployed countless arrays in the mountain around to protect it.

These arrays have locked the power of the divine mine and suppressed part of its strength to some extent.

As long as we have an understanding of the arrays and restriction spells around the divine mine, we can cooperate together and pull up the mine right from where it is!"

Fletcher explained.

"Well, it seems that your Flying Phoenix Sect has extensive knowledge about this mine."

Peterson the Taoist Ancestor had a trace of approval in his tone.

"Yes, we do.

In the Sky Phoenix World, the Flying Phoenix Sect is stronger than Cyan Sun Sect when it comes to strength.

That is why, most of the time, the Heavenly Crater Mine is under our control.

We have more opportunities to make a profound study of it,"

Fletcher added.

At this moment, the energy in the universe suddenly stirred. Several obscure auras could be seen coming from a distance. They were so forceful that even the space around them began to tremble.

Austin also felt the violent force from where he was.

"Damn it! A horde of powerful cultivators are rushing over! And there are many of them!"

Austin uttered in surprise.

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