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   Chapter 3302 Peterson Joined

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This figure was Peterson.

Austin noticed that at that time, the aura emitted by Peterson was extremely terrifying. He couldn't believe that he was now actually a medium-grade divine god!

It meant that Peterson must have already regained his divine energy essence!

"Master, you've finally regained your divine energy essence!"

Austin was ecstatic.

He was glad to have another medium-grade divine god on his side.

"Yes, I've almost recovered. Although this is not my ultimate potential, I still have the power to fight,"

Peterson answered.


You! How dare you attack a junior that is far weaker than you are?"

Peterson's face darkened as he raised his head and looked at the black figure standing in front of him.

Then, he soared into the air. A streak of lightning shot out from the sky every time his eyes blinked. He was cold and ruthless. In an instant, he had already arrived in front of the black figure, pounced on it, and knocked it to the ground.


Both their fists collided fiercely.

The blow was earth-shattering, and caused a large area of the universe to collapse. The stars constantly exploded like dazzling fireworks amidst the vast space.

After the explosion, both sides staggered back. It appeared as though their strengths were on par with each other.

"Kill him!"

Peterson had just obtained back his divine energy essence, so he was very excited to fight. He leaped into the sky like a mighty dragon and collided violently with the huge black shadow that was standing in the universe. Their blood splashed everywhere and dyed the sky red.

"Master, watch out!"

Austin was a little worried for Peterson. He had just recuperated, but he was already having a cutthroat battle with an opponent at the same level. If anything bad happened to him, the consequences would be serious.

"Ha-ha, don't worry. I'm not afraid of this old man!"

Peterson laughed wildly.

In the relentless battle, Peterson opened his mouth and a big golden bell suddenly flew out.

With a deafening sound, endless sound waves turned into appalling divine ripples that slowly reached the black figure.

The huge black shadow was forced to retreat.

Austin was surprised. He tried to look at the big golden bell carefully, but he was not strong enough to see right through it.

However, there was no doubt that a magic treasure that could force a medium-grade divine god to withdraw must be an immensely powerful magic treasure.


In the headquarters of the Whirling Sect of the Ancient Mysterious Dragon Kingdom.

e of the Ancient Mysterious Dragon Kingdom.

Do they even have a way to exit?


As soon as they disappear, the Whirling Sect will surely vent their anger on us!

Hmm... What should we do? Alas!'

For a moment, Fletcher was scared out of his wits.

He knew how powerful and domineering the Whirling Sect was.

The Flying Phoenix Sect was evidently no match for the Whirling Sect.

In a panic, Fletcher immediately had an emergency discussion with the other seniors of the Flying Phoenix Sect.

A few seconds later.

"Austin, the Whirling Sect knows that you are not from the Ancient Mysterious Dragon Kingdom.

In order to prevent you from escaping, I'm afraid the entrance to the universe has been sealed tightly by now.

Do you have any way to leave?"

Austin suddenly received a message from Fletcher.

"Don't worry, Master Fletcher. We have a way to leave,"

Austin answered honestly. There was no need to hide it from him.

"Well… I have an unreasonable request, Austin.

The elders of our sect and I have decided... Can you take all the people of our Flying Phoenix Sect away?

We, the Flying Phoenix Sect, are willing to submit to the two medium-grade divine gods with you and follow them from now on.

We have offended the Whirling Sect because we refuse to give up the Heavenly Crater Mine. I don't doubt that we will lose our foothold in the Ancient Mysterious Dragon Kingdom after this.

The only way for our sect and people to survive is to get out of the Ancient Mysterious Dragon Kingdom,"

Fletcher pleaded to Austin as he eyed Peterson and Morphy.

"Oh? You are willing to follow Master Morphy and my master, Peterson?"

Austin was completely dumbfounded.

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