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   Chapter 3301 Another Medium-grade Divine God

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'I think I know where the problem lies. My swordsmanship is not good enough.

I can distract or annoy a preliminary-grade divine gods but that's all I can do.

I can't kill the enemy.'

When this realization hit him, Austin felt a bit unsatisfied and disappointed.

"You brat! You are still not satisfied. What more do you want? You are only at the Heavenly Immortal Realm but even then, your swordsmanship can distract a preliminary-grade divine god.

I've never heard of a warrior as powerful as that!"

Andreas seemed to somehow read Austin's mind.

"Let's go and help the others!"

Andreas then changed the topic and rushed towards yet another preliminary-grade divine god of the Whirling Sect.

"How dare you kill the divine god of our sect!"

Sheridan roared at his opponent.

"Why wouldn't we!

What's the big deal!

And yes we dare kill you, you old man!"

Morphy laughed.

The two medium-grade divine gods were engaged in an ever-lasting combat and using all kinds of terrifying omnipotent skills against each other, causing the sky to collapse constantly and the universe to shake.

The space they were in had collapsed long ago.

Tens of thousands of broken law fragments and space fragments were floating here and there, and endless amounts of divine level energy was surging all around.

Far away in the distance, the other creatures could only hear the roars and voices of the two divine gods, but couldn't see them at all.

This wasn't because of any fog or mist but rather because during the battle, both of them had used various incredible space laws to construct different spaces, both real and illusory.

And in their pursuit of each other, the divine gods had moved through different spaces and different time frames.

Sometimes their presence was real, and sometimes illusory!

In such a kind of battle, no one else could step in, even if they wanted to help.

"It's your turn now!

Go to hell!"

Andreas rushed ahead and arrived in front of another preliminary-grade divine god of the Whirling Sect with a murderous look on his face.

Lukyan was busy fighting with this particular opponent. The two sides were well matched in strength and it was difficult to say whether the battle would ever end.


Andreas activated the nine golden chains and joined the battle. Within a flash, he forced the preliminary-grade divine god to step back.


Austin shouted in the distance and waved his flying sword, sending thousands of sword waves towards his enemies.

Facing so many divine gods, he simply didn't dare to get too close.

He knew that the divine gods had a deep understanding of the laws of nature.

Which meant that his opponents could easily mobilize nature itself to kill their enemies.

Or, they could even freeze a portion of the space they wanted.

Legend had it that some divine gods with high enough cultivation bases could turn their own words into laws!

A single sentence could change the very fabric of the laws of nature, and these gods were known as the masters of the universe!

e stretched out his hand and pulled at the air.

A huge crack appeared in the void. He cut through that crack and was getting ready to escape. However, his escape was cut short!


Austin and his three friends attacked together and shattered that crack, shaking out the preliminary-grade divine god who was just about to disappear.

"Go to hell!"

The four of them instantly activated their most powerful skills to kill this opponent. Not a single one of them was holding back!

"How dare you kill our people? None of you will escape today!"

All of a sudden, a black figure whooshed out of the void and behind it, the aura of death rushed in, as if the waves of the sea it emerged and shook the whole universe.

"Damn it! We're leaving now. That right there is a medium-grade divine god!"

Morphy's disappointed voice rang out. Austin, Lukyan, Pascal and Andreas heard it in their Soul Seas simultaneously.

"I'll kill you first. Your cultivation base is as weak as an ant in front of me, and you don't deserve to be part of this battle. How naive of you to think you actually mattered!"

Two terrifying divine lights locked themselves on Austin, making it difficult for him to move at once. The space where he stood had been completely sealed.


A giant palm made entirely of black misty fog slowly moved towards him and grabbed at his body. The terrible power behind it made the surrounding constellations collapse. Most of the onlookers far away were immensely frightened at this scene and tried their best to escape.

At that moment, Austin did feel the breath of death.

Austin roared and shook his whole body, and then, all the energy in his body began to burn.

He was burning the original energy essence inside him!

Austin knew that he had no power to fight against a medium-grade divine god.

At the same time, he held the Reincarnation Token in his hand and was just about to activate it. He had to escape!

At that moment, a figure suddenly appeared beside Austin.


Austin was overjoyed.

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