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   Chapter 3300 Kill A Divine God

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10673

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Austin pointed at the distance and the flying sword made a turn and flew back.

It circled around Austin, full of spirituality.


Austin yelled out.


The flying sword shot out thousands of snow-white sword waves, like a massive influx of blinding stars, rolling in from afar.

This strike also contained another one and a half billion sword auras!

Whichever part pf the universe the flying sword passed through, that part immediately dimmed and grayed out as if all life was snuffed out of it. Once colorful worlds were suddenly rendered pale and lifeless. Nothing could stand against its formidable power.


The flying sword once again rushed in front of the preliminary-grade divine god of the Whirling Sect.

The preliminary-grade divine god of the Whirling Sect was both shocked and angry.

The flying sword had brought him too much trouble.

He was already in a life and death battle with Andreas, and now he also had to deal with the attacks from the flying sword.

"Fuck off!"

He opened his mouth and a nine-layer yellow pagoda flew out of it.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The pagoda rushed out towards the flying sword and ceaselessly collided against it, keeping it away from the divine god.

Seeing this, Andreas waved his hand and a white jade bracelet flew out of his sleeve towards the pagoda. Before it reached the pagoda, the bracelet had grown a hundred times, wrapping and tightening its band around it.

With the pagoda subdued and immobilized, the flying sword was free to continue its attacks on the divine god.


Under Austin's control, the flying sword rolled up ten thousand sword auras and pressed down on the preliminary-grade divine god.

"Aaargh! You measly brat, you're asking for death!"

He was so annoyed that he had no choice but to form a giant palm and swung at the flying sword.


The flying sword collided with the giant palm.

It had more mass and weight than the sword which was sent pummeling a few thousand feet back.

However, the preliminary-grade divine god also felt the power of the sword as his palm went numb and pain started to radiate from it.

At this moment, with a clanging noise that shook the ground, a huge golden chain suddenly appeared, accompanied by golden light that soared into the sky. Its cold murderous intent shook the starry celestial sphere.

Andreas took this moment of distraction as an opportunity to kill the preliminary-grade divine god of the Whirling Sect.

This golden chain was an arcane skill he had been cultivating for many years. It was made from a perfect mix of all kinds of laws of nature, which materialized into the golden chain. Andreas' patient cultivation gave it a terrible destructive power.


The huge golden chain, split open the cold universe, violently lashed on the unsuspecting body of the preliminary-grade divine god and threw him several miles out.

With such an attack, the preliminary-grade divine god suffered a significant injury. Half of his divine body had been reduced into a mangled piece of useless flesh, and his divine blood was splashed everywhere and scattered all over the vast starry ski

re waiting to happen.

"Fuck off!"

In his shock and anger, his spiritual sense turned into a long river of spiritual aura that rushed out of his Soul Sea, keeping the red strings away.

However, when he was distracted, the consequences would be serious.


Golden lightning flashed, and the nine huge golden chains came back and hit him at the same time. The chains were so sharp that they were able to slice his divine body into several pieces!

His divine blood splashed all over and eventually, unable to take any more attacks, his divine body exploded!

An astonishing bloody rain began to fall from the starry skies.

"Help me!"

A spiritual soul, shining with divine light, rushed out of the divine blood and fled into the darkness.

"Where are you going? You know, you can't escape!"

Andreas grabbed the spiritual soul and tore it in half.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

At this moment, there was a rain of blood everywhere in the universe. Countless illusory creatures appeared in the vast sky, worshiping and paying their respects for the dead divine god.

Waves of funeral music rang, and pale white paper flowers slowly floated down from the void.

The death of a divine god was immediately sensed by the law power of the universe, hence this strange phenomenon followed.

Every divine god was closely connected with the universe where he or she had watched over.

Once they died, this unusual phenomenon in the universe could be witnessed.

Meanwhile, in the Ancient Mysterious Dragon Kingdom, the divine tablets of that preliminary-grade divine god on the altars of countless sects and races who worshiped him exploded one after the other.

There were countless sects and races that came to pray, believe in and worship different divine gods. They would acknowledge them as their saviors and set up divine tablets to worship them.

The moment a divine god died, their divine tablets everywhere would explode; every one of them.

"Austin, that was awesome!

Without your assistance, it's would have been very difficult for me to kill him!"

Andreas praised and thanked Austin.

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