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   Chapter 3299 The Flying Swords Disturbed The Enemy

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Swish! Swish! Swish...

Austin stretched out his hand and waved it forward. A sword aura slashed through and ruptured the sky.

Puff! Puff! Puff...

Every time the sword aura was summoned, the people of the Whirling Sect experienced terrible explosions.

Austin killed numerous people from their sect even before they could scream in agony.

Blood, flesh, and bones were scattered all over the sky.

For every move Austin made, the Whirling Sect took even more atrocious damage.


Austin gracefully moved his hand once more, and another sword aura struck them.

Blood was spilled everywhere, and plenty of people were decapitated. Numerous members of the Whirling Sect were either dead or on the brink of it.


Several Divine Realm cultivators rushed towards Austin in an attempt to stop him from obliterating their people.

Under the control of Austin's mind, numerous crimson puppet strings shot out of his Soul Sea and attacked the cultivators coming at him.

In less than a second, the situation had changed completely.


The Divine Realm cultivators bowed respectfully before Austin.

Austin waved his hand, and hundreds of his slaves were immediately transported out of the Slave Tower.

"Capture all the cultivators at the Divine Realm!

Kill every other cultivator below their level,"

Austin ordered his battalion of Divine Realm slaves.

Immediately, his servants dashed towards the members of the Whirling Sect.

These cultivators were very powerful since they were already at the Divine Realm. Aside from that, they were also from various well-known sects.

It wasn't long before they gained the upper hand and subdue the remaining disciples of the Whirling Sect.

The Whirling Sect was utterly defeated.

There were a few Divine Realm cultivators who perished during the battle, but Austin managed to conquer the rest of them.

He captured them and made them slaves with the Puppet Strings skill.

Soon after, Austin planned to go back to the three thousand big and small cosmos.

These slaves that he amassed were the backup force that Austin prepared in case the situation called for it.

He was aware that as soon as he returned to three thousand big and small cosmos, a fierce battle was guaranteed for the sake of the Fallen Immortal Cosmos.

Now that he had more powerful slaves in his arsenal, the strength of the Fallen Immortal Cosmos had dramatically increased.

"What?! There are now hundreds of Divine Realm cultivators c

rike had caused a certain impact on his opponent!


Austin stretched out his hand and pointed it at the distance. He activated the flying sword and slashed at the preliminary-grade divine god again.


The flying sword flew across the sky, and the sword aura was like a sea. It rolled up ten thousand waves and pressed down on his enemy once more.

"Argh! Go to hell, brat!"

Annoyed, the preliminary-grade divine god from the Whirling Sect roared with anger.

He was a divine god, but he was heavily inconvenienced by a young man at the Heaven Immortal Realm.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Above Austin's head, the endless law of nature was gathering. Soon, a giant palm made of the law power of nature was formed and came at Austin.

A divine god could control the order and law of heaven and earth at will.

"Well done, Austin!"

Andreas praised.

Of course, he wouldn't let the attack land on Austin. He swept his palm over and shattered the giant palm formed by the divine god that was about to hit him.

At this time, Austin's flying sword once again rushed in front of the Whirling Sect's divine god.


The divine god retaliated the flying sword with a punch and threw it far away.

However, his whole arm shook violently again and became numb.


Taking advantage of this opportunity, Andreas used an unparalleled palm skill and hit his opponent. Blood immediately gushed out of the divine god's mouth.

"Austin, come on! We can work together as a team to kill this guy!"

Andreas laughed.


Austin was also bold and ambitious.

He finally had the strength to participate in the battle of the divine gods!

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