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   Chapter 3298 A Divine Battle

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Quick messages flew from Austin towards Hare through their spiritual sense.

Pure joy flashed through Hare's eyes.

"Master Morphy, Sheridan from the Whirling Sect is a medium-grade divine god with great strength.

Are you certain you can take him down?"

Worry tinted Austin's voice.

A medium-grade divine god's strength was enough to make his hair stand on end.

"I have a plan.

Keep pissing him off and I'll attack him while he's distracted,"

Morphy instructed.

"Got it."

Austin easily nodded.

"What are you thinking, old geezer? Are you picking a fight with me?

You're so quick-tempered and yet you dared to dream of being my master?!

You're far from being qualified.

If you want to fight, come and get it, old man! Let me see how powerful you really are!"

Austin shouted at Sheridan with a cold sneer.

"That brat must really want to die! How dare he arrogantly talk shit to Elder Sheridan?!"

"I have no idea what he's doing! He'll get himself killed!"

Loud shouts of disbelief burst out of the crowd.

"Humph! I don't give a shit why you're provoking me.

If it's your wish, I'll kill you where you stand,"

Sheridan sneered. Every ounce of his killing intent poured out like water as he readied to crush Austin.

"Go to hell!"

Two streams of law power suddenly burst out from Sheridan's eyes and shot out towards Austin in the form of two black machetes.

Tightly packed into the two machetes were the laws of nature he wanted to use to kill Austin.

Deeply apprehending the laws of nature was easy for the medium-grade divine gods.

Every movement and every look, could borrow the pure force of nature.

Subconsciously, Austin itched to use his bodily movement skill and run as far away as possible.

Even if he tried, the space where he was standing was already tightly imprisoned by the terrible law power, and he couldn't move a muscle.

Although time seemed to slow for Austin as he watched the two black machetes approach, they were actually extremely fast and appeared before his eyes in the blink of an eye.

It was like Austin was already halfway into the grave as an intense fear gripped his heart.

'A medium-grade divine god is far too terrifying. With my strength, I can't even put up a fight against him, '

Austin thought to himself.

With just a look, Sh

heridan to be his enemy.

Andreas, Lukyan, and Pascal squared up against the three preliminary-grade divine gods of the Whirling Sect.

It was the perfect number of gods on both sides.

Tens of thousands of laws and boundless divine radiance shrouded the battlefield as the eight gods fiercely fought.

Even the laws of the universe turned into visible chains during their battle. Strange light radiated from the densely packed law chains that flew across the sky, looking brilliant and dreamy.

Each one of the eight divine gods used his own law power in the battle.

It was the first time that Austin had seen so many divine gods fight so fiercely.

Great interest gleamed from his wide eyes that didn't turn away from the fierce fight.

'So battles between divine gods are like this, '

Austin thought to himself.


Chaotic energy surged from Morphy's right fist as he punched Sheridan away.

"So Master Morphy already restored his strength as a medium-grade divine god!"

It wouldn't take a genius to clearly see that Morphy was now a medium-grade divine god like Sheridan.

Since Sheridan was already badly injured, he was no match for Morphy.

"Ha-ha! Go to hell, bastards of the Whirling Sect!"

Wild laughter burst out of Austin as he suddenly stepped forward and charged towards the Whirling Sect's people.

Divine gods from both sides poured their all into the battle.

Even if the rest of the Whirling Sect's disciples wanted to jump in, they were all at or below the Divine Realm and wouldn't be of any use at all.

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