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   Chapter 3297 Take A Disciple

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"Argh! What's going on with my body?"

The spiritual soul of the young man in purple robes quickly rushed out of his shattered body.


His spiritual soul then completely exploded into ashes.

Both his soul and body were instantly destroyed!

Barlow was one of the ten most powerful principal disciples in the Whirling Sect.

He also represented the top fighting power of the younger generation in the entire Ancient Mysterious Dragon Kingdom.

However, he was unexpectedly killed by a cultivator at the Heaven Immortal Realm in front of everyone.

Moreover, except for the divine gods, most of the people in the crowd hadn't figured out how Barlow was defeated!

Austin's sword attack was too fast to the naked eye.

It was so quick as if nothing had happened.

'Wow. Integrating one billion and five hundred million sword attacks into one is indeed a very powerful move.

With my current cultivation base of swordsmanship, I don't think anyone in the Divine Realm can beat me.

Even a preliminary-grade divine god wouldn't dare to take my sword head-on, '

Austin thought to himself.

At the same time, in the Flying Phoenix Sect.

"Sir, this young man named Austin is indeed an exceptional cultivator.

Is it possible that our Flying Phoenix Sect can win the competition? We might have a shot of keeping the Heavenly Crater Mine."

The senior leaders of the Flying Phoenix Sect looked at Austin in shock.

"It's possible! Austin killed that young talent from the Whirling Sect in just one move.

In addition, he hadn't even unleashed his maximum power yet.

Perhaps with him, our Flying Phoenix Sect will really win!"

Fletcher was so excited that his whole body trembled.

"You are right, Shepard.

Austin's fighting power is so terrifying!"

Cyril exclaimed in shock.

"Ha-ha, are you convinced now?"

Shepard laughed.

At that moment, Sheridan's face darkened.

He had planned to save Barlow, but he was too late.

Austin's sword attack obliterated Barlow's body and spiritual soul in an instant.

Moreover, he moved at an astonishing speed that even a divine god couldn't stop him in time.

Sheridan glared at Austin furiously.

A daunting killing intent surged in his eyes!

"Damn it.

Master Hare, this old man wants to kill me.

I can sense his intense killing intent.

As soon as something bad happens, we'll run away immediately!"

Austin whispered to Hare through his spiritual sense.

On the battle ring.

"Looks like I've won the battle.

Is there anyone else in your sect who wants to die?"

Austin asked derisively with his hands behind his bac

in asked curiously.


I did aggravate their sect.

Now, the Whirling Sect is hunting me down everywhere.

The men from the Divine Corpse Palace have been following me all day long. They are so annoying.

I heard that the people of the Whirling Sect came to make trouble to the Flying Phoenix Sect.

That was why I came here quietly and prepared to kill a group of people from the Whirling Sect.

Sheridan is one of the most powerful cultivators in that sect.

If he is killed, the leader of their sect will be devastated.

Moreover, I can also vent out my anger.

I didn't expect to meet you here,"

Morphy replied.

"I see!"

Austin was overjoyed to hear Morphy's plan.

"Well, let's kill them all together, Master Morphy!

Then, we can leave the Ancient Mysterious Dragon Kingdom,"

Austin said excitedly.

"Leave the Ancient Mysterious Dragon Kingdom? It might be a little difficult for us to just walk away without getting noticed.

The Whirling Sect has already send people to guard at all entrances and exits of the Ancient Mysterious Dragon Kingdom.

If I could, I would have left a long time ago,"

Morphy sighed.

"Don't worry, Master Morphy. I have an idea.

Have you forgotten all about my magic treasure?"

Austin said in a hurry.

"Oh, right! How can I forget! Austin, you have that marvelous magic treasure. You can directly teleport us out of the Ancient Mysterious Dragon Kingdom!

Ha-ha-ha! That's great!

Well, Austin, let's do something big then.

Let's launch a sneak attack on the Whirling Sect, kill a large number of their people, and then leave with ease!"

Morphy laughed.

"All right!"

Austin nodded in agreement.

The old man and the young man burst into laughter.

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