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   Chapter 3296 Sword Skill VS Blade Skill (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6704

Updated: 2020-06-21 00:56

Tell me now! Did you use some demonic skill here?"

The young man, who was dressed in the purple robe, looked at the hilt of the machete which was in his hand. He was completely confused of what he was seeing.

Dead silence prevailed. Not a word was spoken, not a thing moved.

Everyone was shocked at the sight that lay before their eyes. They could not understand anything.

No one had expected that the young man in purple robe would fall so short. He was in no position to defeat Austin in spite of his domineering and powerful strike. Worse than that, the machete in his hand had been shattered into pieces and turned to ashes.

"Damn it, Elder Sheridan! Barlow seems to have already..."

A preliminary-grade divine god beside Elder Sheridan spoke in surprise.

"Yes. I'm afraid it's going to be worse. Poor Barlow is a dead man already.

I don't even think that I can save him."

Elder Sheridan nodded. There was a gloominess on his face. Clearly he felt defeated.

"Boy, I've got to admit that I was absolutely wrong about you. You've proved me wrong.

Undoubtedly, your swordsmanship is extremely powerful.

I never knew that it was so strong that it could actually shatter the long machete that was in my hand.

Even if we consider all the cultivators who are at the Heaven Immortal Realm, or those who are at the Divine Realm, I bet not many of them in the world could have done this so easily.

As a matter of fact, I never expected that I would get to meet a master like you today.

But don't worry. Next time, I will go all out and won't make the mistake of underestimating my enemy. I'll give my best shot whoever my opponent is.

One thing amazes me that your swordsmanship cultivation base is not really that bad. Rather it is quite impressive.

However, it surprises me that your level is still too weak.

Though you may attack and fight ferociously, I don't think you can hold out for a long time if you were to face a clever opponent.

Though it would be

became a pile of sand!


The next moment, his whole entity and existence vanished. The whole being of the young man which was reduced to ashes was blown away by the wind! The young man dressed in purple had valiantly challenged Austin but now he was reduced to dregs! Dust!

The fact which turned out was that Austin's sword attack had become too sharp and fast. It had increased unbelievably.

The moment Austin had put it to use, in a very short time, it had been able to penetrate the young man's body and cut off all his vitality.

It had rendered the young man in purple robe helpless but he didn't notice it for quite a while.

Using up the last ounce of vital energy left in his body, he had managed to last for a moment longer. Before he could even understand what had happened, Austin's sinister attack began to take effect.

Indeed, the power of one billion and five hundred million sword attacks combined in one was absolutely terrifying!

Everyone present there had become silent! Deathly silence filled the air.

The space seemed to have frozen and paused. So had time, which came to a stop.

Everyone had been there and saw the body of the young man, dressed in purple robe, explode bit by bit. That scene before their eyes made their breathing stop! They just could not fathom what they had seen!

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