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   Chapter 3295 Sword Skill VS Blade Skill (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6884

Updated: 2020-06-21 00:12

As soon as the young man dressed in the purple robe finished speaking, a white machete appeared in his hand. It was as white as snow. It seemed like different kinds of vital energy had surged into the machete in an instant.

It was clear to everyone present there that the machete was no ordinary weapon or object. Rather, it was a magic treasure that was at the divine level.

If that wasn't enough to terrify all of them, the level of the energy radiating from it was quite high. It was far higher than most of the magic treasures which Austin had seen in his life.

The gleaming blade of the machete seemed to be engraved with strong laws and runes. The murderous will emerging from it was overwhelming. The blade radiance kept rolling and sparkling around.


Suddenly, the young man who was dressed in the purple robe waved his machete in the air. He brandished it elegantly and carefully.

A stream of blade aura rushed out of it. The aura possessed all the power that an ancient weapon could possess! It was inevitably stronger than anyone's imagination.

The strike in the air, made by the machete was very domineering. It rolled forward like an arrow, breaking through all the areas of space, time, law, order, and power! Everything just shattered.

Just one strike by it was powerful enough to meet all attacks! It could make all the other attacks seem harmless, destroying them without much effort.

The onlookers who were present there were appalled by it. And all of them had a clear idea in their minds and knew in their hearts, the terrifying energy of the blade.

Powerful and indestructible aura!

The strike had a terrifying aura on the whole place and people present there!

It was crystal clear to all that the blade intent was quite different from the sword intent.

The sword intent had to be extremely sharp. It could kill everything easily and break everything without any trouble.

On the other hand, the blade intent was mainly used to suppress the opponent's aura or even his soul. It could end up makin

re, thought their eyes were playing tricks with them. They could not believe the scene unfolding before their eyes.

However, suddenly the blade aura which had been released by the young man, who was dressed in purple, froze unexpectedly.


The faint sword-light was vaguely visible now. It was slowly sweeping across and moving over the body of the young man dressed in purple robe. Then, it just disappeared.


Suddenly, a crisp metallic sound echoed in the air out of nowhere. It rang in the atmosphere for a few moments.

The long snow-white machete which was in the hand of the young man dressed in purple robe was broken into pieces. All those shattered pieces turned into innumerable steel balls in the air!

All the blade aura and the momentum that had been prevailing around disappeared in a split second. It looked like it never had existed there.

It was so weird that everything in the battle ring came to a halt. Everything seemed to have stopped.

Austin stood still, with his hands behind his back. There was a casual air around him and a calmness within him. He stared at the young man dressed in purple robe indifferently. His eyes were fixed keenly on the young man.

"What? How? machete! Why did it explode suddenly like this? How did this happen?

You did this! Tell me, what have you done? How did you do it?

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