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   Chapter 3294 Instant Kill

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Apparently, the young man from the Whirling Sect thought that he did not need to perform any brilliant martial arts skill to deal with Austin who was only at the Heaven Immortal Realm.

Since his cultivation base was much higher than Austin's, he was convinced that he could crush his opponent effortlessly with his bare hands.

"This brat at the Heaven Immortal Realm is doomed!"

"This guy is too pretentious."

The spectators shook their heads and sympathized with Austin as they sensed the power that the young man's fist contained.

On the battle ring, Austin looked at the incoming fist and smiled faintly.

"You're dead meat!" Austin said flatly.

He swept his fingers gently, and a blinding beam of sword light suddenly appeared.

The sword light cut through the sky and came towards the young man's fist.

It held the brilliant energy of one billion sword moves!

In the blink of an eye, the young man's fist was struck by the sword light and was instantly broken into pieces!

However, the sword light did not stop there.

It continued to move forward and pierced through the body of the young man from the Whirling Sect.

"Wait... What's happening?"

the young man said with confusion.

The sword light released by Austin was so fast that he did not even feel the pain.

Immediately afterwards, however, the young man's body was shattered into pieces.

Blood and flesh splattered from the sky and fell down like heavy rainfall.

It wasn't until then that the young man felt the excruciating pain. He let out a heart wrenching scream that reverberated across the entire Flying Phoenix City.

"Argh! No! It can't be! My body! It's impossible! You are just at the Heaven Immortal Realm!"

The young man's spiritual soul instantly rushed out of his broken body.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Thousands of sword intents emerged from Austin's long sword and turned into a huge net that flew towards the man's spiritual soul.

With Austin's mastery in swordsmanship, he could easily destroy the flesh and spiritual soul of a master at the Divine Realm by unleashing the sword-light that bore the energy of one billion sword moves.

"No! Don't

s at the Divine Realm in an instant!"

Shepard replied.

"What? You are giving him too much credit,"

Cyril responded in disbelief.

"Trust me, Cyril.

Austin will win and the victory will be yours. Just wait and see,"

Shepard said with conviction.

"Come here you, brat!"

At that moment, a voice suddenly echoed.

A figure flew onto the stage and stood on the opposite side of Austin.

He was a young man in purple robes. He placed his hands behind his back and looked at Austin in a condescending manner.

"It's Barlow Zi!"

"Barlow, kill that arrogant bastard!"

"Barlow is one of the top ten disciples of our sect. Now that brat will surely die!"

As soon as the young man in purple robes set foot on the stage, the people of the Whirling Sect cheered.

Apparently, he was very popular and received much respect among the disciples of the Whirling Sect.

"Your vital energy realm is too low.

However, you have a talent in swordsmanship. You can easily take out any opponent whose cultivation base is higher than yours just with your sword skills.

Unfortunately, your opponent is me.

I don't care if you know amazing sword techniques.

I'm going to beat you with my saber skills,"

the young man in purple robes said indifferently.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The next moment, he waved his saber.

A blinding light filled the entire place where he stood, and soon left many marks on the battle ring.

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