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   Chapter 3183 Hunt Down The Heaven Immortal Realm Masters

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On the plain, Austin stood up with cold and murderous eyes.

"I need the help of some earth dragons,"

Austin murmured to himself.

Afterwards, he turned into a beam of light and dived towards the periphery of the Abyss of Darkness.

By then, Austin was very familiar with the area. He knew where he could pass through directly, and where he needed to make certain detours.

A moment later, he left the Abyss of Darkness and went up the surface of the Divine Being's World.

With his spiritual sense, Austin knew where everyone was, including the army of the eight branches of pilgrims, the people of the major sects from the three thousand big and small worlds, and the people from the isolated alien spaces.

At that moment, all the major forces closed in on the edge of the Abyss of Darkness.

Austin then plunged into the underground to look for earth dragons in the Divine Being's World.

An hour later, there were more than five hundred earth dragons following behind him!

Their momentum was so grand that wherever they passed, the earth shook violently.

Previously, Austin could control more than two hundred earth dragons.

Currently, he doubled the number and had more than five hundred dragons at his back!

Then, he kept diving underground and came to the army of the eight branches of pilgrims.

"Mr. Lin! You are out!

We were just about to pick you up!"

The eight supreme leaders were surprised to see Austin come out of the underground. Immediately, they stepped forward and surrounded him.

"Thank you!

Don't worry. I won't allow these people to hurt me,"

Austin said to them.

"Mr. Lin, you are so amazing!

You can actually freely enter and exit the Abyss of Darkness without being hurt.

Moreover, you can escape the siege of so many Heaven Immortal Realm masters!

The eight of us really admire you!"

The eight supreme leaders all exclaimed in admiration.

Finally, under Austin's persuasion, the eight supreme leaders took their army back to their headquarters.

"Mr. Lin, this is our secret jade slip. It is used in times of emergencies to call for help. If ever you find yourself in danger, crush it immediately and we will find your location and rush to your aid as long as you are within the range of the Divine Being's World."

King Tobian handed the jade slip to Austin.


e of the most powerful fist skills in the three thousand big and small worlds.

It was the most formidable secret skill of the immemorial dynasty of Princess Gracie.

With the strength of a Heaven Immortal Realm cultivator, Austin's fist was terrifying. He was like an ancient emperor descending to suppress everything.

The master of the Mu Clan was immediately subdued by the overbearing fist. While his face turned pale, he attempted to retreat hurriedly.

Then, he took out a big golden bow and tried to draw it to shoot some arrows.

However, Austin activated the shackle of supreme enlightenment using his mind as a quick defense. It appeared on top of the master, which made his cultivation realm fall down in an instant.


Austin's fist came into contact with him and smashed the master into a mist of blood.

Then, Austin took away all the treasures from the master.

Austin had developed this habit for a long time. Whenever he killed a master, he would usually collect all the treasures as loot.

Even if he did not need them, he thought it might still be useful to his friends.

After finishing off the master, Austin plummeted into the ground and left as soon as possible.

"The bastard Austin showed up again!"

Many Heaven Immortal Realm masters came one after another, including many cultivators from the isolated alien spaces.

"Ha-ha, the hunting feast has just begun.

I will come to you one by one. Just wait and see!"

Austin sneered underground.

Then, he locked another target through his spiritual sense force.

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