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   Chapter 3182 No Pressure At All

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Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the Abyss of Darkness, densely packed dark clouds shrouded the sky, and a monstrous thunder reverberated together with blinding volleyed lightning.

"The heaven immortal's Thunderstroke Doom is finally coming!"

Austin stood firmly on the ground. He looked at the rolling lightning, while his black hair flew wildly in the air.

After several days, he had finally recovered.

The spiritual tree in his Soul Sea was intact, and his strength had been significantly improved.

Not long ago, Austin had absorbed hundreds of thousands of specks of divine essence!

It was indeed an overwhelming number.

Even the masters at the Heavenly Immortal Realm only dare to absorb no more than tens of thousands of specks of divine essence at most. If they took more, their bodies would run the risk of bursting apart.

Austin reckoned that there might have been two reasons why he could handle so much divine essence. First of all, his physical strength was beyond extraordinary. He had always taken care of his physique during his whole cultivation journey, and had always included it in his development.

On the other hand, he possessed the divine energy that was left behind by the little boy.

Since that energy originated from a real god, it was naturally easy for it to suppress divine essence.

Hundreds of thousands of divine essence had brought endless benefits to Austin.

As a consequence, it only took him a few days to reach the Heaven Immortal Realm.


Finally, the ear-splitting thunder radiance surged towards Austin.

He raised his head and roared to the sky as he fought against tens of thousands of thick lightning with his bare hands.

A full day had passed.

The dark clouds had dissipated, and the thunderstorm had completely disappeared.

It was sunny again.

Austin floated mid-air while his hair flew towards the direction of the wind. His eyes glistened an electrifying light, and he emitted the energy fluctuation of a heaven immortal.

Moreover, since Austin had absorbed hundreds of thousands of specks of divine essence, the energy in his body was much richer than those of ordinary heaven immortal masters.

The energy contained in hundreds of thousands of specks of divine essence was extremely overpowering.

"Yes, I've finally reached the Heaven Immortal Realm!"

Austin exclaimed.

After all, when he left the Fallen Immortal Cosmos, he was only at the Genuine Immortal Realm.

After he entered the dark passage, he went through the trials on the Primordial Road. Next, he returned to the Earth to see his family. Then, he set food in the Divine Being

ld we do?"

Some masters from the isolated alien spaces asked the evil man.

"Let's follow them quietly and keep a low profile.

You guys from the spiritual race can use your special skill to track them. If we follow them in the same way, we can easily get to Austin without encountering any danger," he said menacingly.

With a wave of his hand, the evil man sneaked in with a large group of masters.


Several masters of the spiritual race nodded in agreement. Then, they took the lead to use some of their secret techniques to closely detect the movements of the masters of the major sects in front of them.

The spiritual race was a special kind of species in an isolated alien space.

"Get ready to meet Mr. Lin at any time!"

Outside the Abyss of Darkness, the eight branches of pilgrims and their army waited at the vicinity. They were highly alert for any movement in the abyss. Once they detected any activity, they were ready to dive in.

At the end of the Abyss of Darkness.

In a plain.


Austin was concentrated on cultivating the Earth Exploring Technique when his face suddenly changed.

"Well well, it's them again.

Hmm. Maybe I can practice my newly improved fighting skills with them,"

Austin sneered.

At that moment, he had already reached the Heaven Immortal Realm. After a period of hard cultivation, his cultivation base of the Earth Exploring Technique had made headway.

Those incoming masters was good targets for him to test his current strength.

Besides, with his talent, he had never been afraid of any masters at the same level as his, not even gods.

Since he had reached the Heaven Immortal Realm, he felt no pressure at all in facing a group of masters of the same level!

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