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   Chapter 3181 Turmoil Caused By Divine Gods

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8907

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"I see,"

Austin responded.

'It's true that the divine essence contains a huge amount of energy.

But the amount of energy carried by a mere six specks of the divine essence is not that much. He could help Yulia absorb that energy by taking advantage of the power coming from the Slave Tower.'

"You have returned to the Earth Immortal Realm,"

Austin exclaimed in surprise as he looked at the four members of the Heavenly Court before him.

"Mr. Lin, as long as we can get enough energy, it will not be difficult for us to restore to our real cultivation base.

What's more, we have a feeling that we are about to break through. We are quite positive that we will be able to enter the Heaven Immortal Realm very soon.

Perhaps the divine essence takes a lot of credit for it,"

Hogan responded with a smile.

Along with Marico, Toby and Perry, he had been sealed in hibernation for a considerable period of time. When they woke up, their vital energy realm had fallen sharply.

It was only today that they finally got their strength back. It felt good to finally be back to normal functioning levels.

Moreover, signs of a breakthrough into the Heaven Immortal Realm were becoming more and more evident.

It was indeed good news for them.

"You have also reached the Primal Holy Realm!" Austin exclaimed in astonishment.

His eyes fell on the Snow-treading Old Man, the Heavenly Swordsman, the Moon Taoist and Bowen.

The Snow-treading Old Man cleared his throat before speaking. "Like Yulia, the four of us had been a little greedy and secretly absorbed four or five specks of the divine essence.

Fortunately, at that critical moment, Mr. Brady gave us a hand.

Had he not stepped in to intervene, we might have exploded into pieces.

We might have even cause you untold trouble," the elder said, his face turning slightly red due to embarrassment.

The Heavenly Swordsman, the Moon Taoist and Bowen also blushed and looked away.

Austin burst into laughter, hearing their little misadventure. All he knew was that he was happy for them.

"Forget about it. The important thing is that you are all safe now. And best of all, you have all made good progress. Congratulations!"

Austin said sincerely.

"Well, we have talked about it. And if it's okay with you, the four of us want to stay in the Slave Tower and cultivate there with Mr. Brady,"

the Snow-treading Old Man said to Austin with expectant eyes.

In the past few days in the Slave Tower, Brady had given them advice on their cultivation and they had learned a lot. The results were immediate and evident. They admired him for his effective mentoring a

According to the Ancient Peace Agreement, the divine gods were not allowed to go to the mortal world to interfere the lives of its mortal inhabitants.

As a sign of protest, most of the divine gods decided to hide themselves. Some of them, on the other hand, went deep into the Sea of Chaos to explore other unknown worlds.

"Ha-ha! Would you look at that? It seems that that the energy of the Ancient Peace Agreement is about to run out.

From now on, we don't have to be restrained by those rules anymore."

"Without the restriction of the Ancient Peace Agreement, the three thousand big and small worlds will easily and completely be under our control!"

"I am going to go to the mortal worlds and establish a powerful force to rule them all. I want all the mortals to bow to me and kiss my feet!"

Excitement consumed all the divine gods, thinking about the possibilities and opportunities that were waiting for them as soon as the Ancient Peace Agreement died out and lost its effectivity.

"Come on! Let's go conquer those pathetic worlds!"

All of them used their bodily movement skills and spread out, moving towards the different cosmos in a flash.

Almost instantly, all the three thousand big and small worlds fell into darkness and chaos.

Divine gods showed up in each world, and demanded the creatures to worship and be loyal to them, threatening death to those who dared not obey.

For those who were brave enough to resist, they would be executed by the divine gods, and even their family members wouldn't be spared.

Some of the divine gods began to draw lines across the map to divide the territories. They also recruited men to join the ranks in their own forces.

An unprecedented turmoil began to sweep throughout all the cosmos.

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