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   Chapter 3180 Temporarily Safe

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Within the gloom of the Abyss of Darkness, all the powerful cultivators who were chasing after Austin began to retreat one by one.

Danger waited for them at every turn and none of them could muster up the courage to go deeper.

For a few moments, Austin stood frozen on his spot before he heaved out a sigh of relief.

It was peaceful before a voice broke through the quiet.

"Austin! Listen to me! Hand over your divine cores right now or the Fallen Immortal Cosmos will be destroyed!"

A grand voice rang out from outside the Abyss of Darkness.

Out of nowhere, a huge screen appeared in the sky.

Flashes of more than a hundred divine gods attacking the Fallen Immortal Cosmos appeared on the screen.

Violent energy endlessly boomed against every inch of the space barrier of the Fallen Immortal Cosmos.

All kinds of advanced law of nature filled the space barrier between different cosmos and made it sturdy.

However, the Fallen Immortal Cosmos was rather low-level and their space barrier wasn't as powerful as that of a high-level universe.

Moreover, more than a hundred divine gods attacked at the same time using their full power.

If it went on any longer, the space barrier of the Fallen Immortal Cosmos would soon crumble into nothing.

Violent tremors ran through the entirety of the Divine Being's World as terrible shock waves of energy was transmitted through the screen.

"Haha! Austin, did you see that?

Your Fallen Immortal Cosmos is about to be eradicated!"

Cruel laughter burst out of the many masters at the Heaven Immortal Realm outside of the Abyss of Darkness.

As masters at the Heaven Immortal Realm, they were supposed to be superior to everyone and omnipotent.

However, Austin gained the upper hand in everything. One could only imagine how offended they were.

This was their chance to change the situation into something they liked.

With so many divine gods unleashing their power, it was only a matter of time before the Fallen Immortal Cosmos was destroyed.

Pure anger set Austin's eyes alight as his nails dug deep gouges in his palms. Looking at the Fallen Immortal Cosmos faced by extreme danger made his teeth chatter.

No matter how furious he was, his anger was useless.

On one hand, he couldn't help the Fallen Immortal Cosmos because of the long distance between them.

On the other, Austin knew that his strength wasn't even worth a mention before all of those divine gods.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Under the violent attack of more than a hundred divine gods, it wasn't long before pieces of the Fallen Immortal Cosmos' space barrier collapsed and revealed a huge dark hole in space.

On the other end of this black hole was the Fallen Immortal Cosmos!

"Ha-ha! This is going to be a good show, Austin!"

Sinister laughter burs


Austin's delighted shock was clear as day to hear.

Yulia truly was now a cultivator at the Holy Realm.

In the past, she was only at the Sky Realm.

"Master, I absorbed six specks of the divine essence in one go. I almost exploded and died in the beginning but I fortunately managed to survive. I made several breakthroughs while in seclusion."

A mix of fear and smug satisfaction colored Yulia's words.

"Why would you do that?"

Austin couldn't find the words to say and could only gape at her.

Before she started cultivating, Austin told her to absorb only one speck of divine essence or it would be too dangerous for her. It was beyond any of his expectation that she would absorb six in one go.

"By the way, master, I didn't explode nor die because of Master Brady's help,"

Yulia innocently smiled at him instead of explaining her suicidal actions.

"Did Brady help you?" Surprise filled Austin at the unexpected news.

Brady was the guardian spirit of the Slave Tower in the past.

He helped Austin out of many sticky situations before.

However, as Austin became more and more powerful, Brady was eventually left behind and had no more help to offer.

Therefore, Brady was busy cultivating in the Slave Tower and rarely showed up.

If he wanted to, he could have long left the Slave Tower and lived independently.

However, he wanted to be together with Austin all the time and stayed in the Slave Tower instead.

"Brady, what happened?"

Austin curiously turned to him.

"Ha-ha! This girl was refining the divine essence in the Slave Tower. I can control everything in the tower so I used the energy of the Slave Tower to help her suppress the divine essence.

Besides that, she's also very talented.

That was why she managed to safely refine all that divine essence,"

Brady proudly replied and beamed down Yulia.

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