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   Chapter 3177 Give You All

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"One, two..."

A divine god standing beside the space barrier of the Fallen Immortal Cosmos began to count. Austin could clearly hear every sound.

Every living being in front of the Millstone of Reincarnation was mildly surprised.

It was unusual for divine gods to meddle in these kinds of affairs. So, they didn't expect that the divine gods would take the time to appear and threaten a young man personally.

Divine gods were heralded as omnipotent and superior beings that ruled all the worlds. They were considered as the embodiment of the heaven and earth's will.

No one had expected that when it concerned their interests, the divine gods would behave the same as the mortals.

Austin's eyes turned bloodshot as he stared at the divine gods in the images.

"Austin, the divine god has given an order. You better give us the runes and divine cores.

Do you want to disobey an order from a divine god?"

"Austin, no matter how powerful you are, you can't win against a divine god! Don't overestimate yourself!"

The earth immortals kept shouting at Austin, trying to talk some sense out of him.

"Time's up!"

Finally, the divine god had finished counting.

"Let's fight! Show that brat what we're made of!"

Austin failed to respond within the given time limit. Hence, the divine god was more enraged than ever. He felt a little embarrassed and disgraced.

Boom! Boom!

There were approximately five or six divine gods launching attacks simultaneously. They all released terrifying energy so it could hit the Fallen Immortal Cosmos.

Wherever the energy passed, the surroundings disintegrated and vanished. Everything turned into nothing, leaving behind a vast, dark, and cold crack in the void.

Austin narrowed his eyes. He could feel that the attacks of the divine gods might really destroy the Fallen Immortal Cosmos!


Austin called apprehensively.

"Humph! How shameless can all of you get?

Don't you feel ashamed to make a move on a mortal world full of armless people?"

A voice resounded out of the blue.

Then, three figures as big as demons appeared near the Fallen Immortal Cosmos.

"It's you, sir!"

Austin exclaimed as he recognized one of them.

It was an old man in a blue robe who looked like an immortal with three wisps of long beard hanging on his chest.

The elder's aura was e

owledged Austin with deep gratitude.

They actually saw everything that happened.

If this young man hadn't interfered, the rebirth rune papers and divine cores would have been divided.

"Young man, these divine cores are all for you,"

one of the divine gods offered. With a wave of his sleeve, six divine cores appeared in front of Austin.

"For me? Really?"

Austin was beside himself. He was astounded that the divine gods would present him such a precious treasure.


In fact, it's useless for us to take these divine cores away. So we decide to give them to you as gifts.

What we really need is the rebirth rune paper.

Thank you, young man."

The six divine gods nodded and tenderly smiled at Austin. Then, they activated the six rebirth rune papers.

The heaven and earth trembled violently, and the songs of supreme enlightenment rang out. Golden lotuses fell down from the void one after another.

Boom! Boom!

Six rainbow bridges flew from afar to the feet of the six divine gods.

"Good bye, young man. Thank you for your help."

They waved at Austin, stepped on the rainbow bridges and left.

"Good bye, sirs! Have a good trip to the Shore of Rebirth!"

The eight supreme leaders, together with the remaining pilgrims of the eight branches, loudly bid their goodbyes.

The rest of the people from different sects reluctantly watched the scene.

The battle was over, for now.

From the moment the six divine gods appeared, everyone knew that it was pointless fighting.

So they dropped their weapons and stopped.

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