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   Chapter 3095 A Feast

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"Since the temple belongs to the Emerald Sect, can you go inside of it?"

The temple was brimming with terrifying spiritual energy. He thought individuals such as him would suffer the consequences if he tried to enter forcibly.

Austin, a formidable warrior with unparalleled power, even felt scared before the shrine.

"Of course.

Anyone can go inside. But we must remain pious, and we must refrain from releasing any sort of energies. Otherwise, we would be repulsed by the temple.

You must have accidentally released your energy, so you probably felt the temple rejecting you, am I right?"

one of the superior elders asked.

"Really? We can walk into the temple as long as we are sincere and don't release any energy?"

Austin confirmed. This temple was left behind by a divine god. Could it be that easy to access it?

"Yes. If you don't believe me, you can go inside with us and have a try."

Then, the elders accompanying Austin led him to the temple's entrance. Before they went in, they bowed before it to pay their respects.

Seeing the elders' actions, Austin mimicked their behavior and bowed. This time, he controlled himself not to release any sort of energy power, including his spiritual sense.

Austin previously checked the condition of the temple using his spiritual sense. He guessed that might be the one responsible for the temple's reaction to his presence.

And as expected, this time, the temple did not reject Austin. He followed the three superior elders inside the temple without causing any trouble.

The hallways inside it seemed narrow and a little shabby.

It did not take them long before they arrived at a dark old stone statue atop a divine alter. There was nothing impressive about it.

On the altar were candlelight lamps and incense, along with some fruits and other presents.

The fruits offered weren't ordinary; these were the spiritual harvests from the headquarters of the Emerald Sect.

These things could not be found in the mortal world.

After the three superior elders entered the temple, they wore solemn expressions on their faces. They remained very devout and knelt down to worship the statue.

'This stone statue was left by a divine god on Earth during ancient times. He must be a powerful being worthy of respect. The statue represents him, so I should bow before it, too, '

Austin figured. He followed the comportment of the three elders with him and knelt down.

The temple emanated a mystical aura. A strange chanting sound could a

tial arts world of the Brilliant Kingdom, and also one of the initiators of this Martial Arts Meeting.

Therefore, the leader of the Heavenly Mountain Sect will definitely take the top-level masters and even the superior elders to participate in the Martial Arts Meeting,"

one of the superior elders explained.

"How about the strength of the Heavenly Mountain Sect?"

Austin questioned further.

"It seems that you don't know much about the martial arts world of the Brilliant Kingdom.

To be honest, the power of the Heavenly Mountain Sect is likely to be a little stronger than that of the Emerald Sect.

Their people always keeps a high profile and ambitious. Over the years, it has been recruiting troops and expanding its influence.

Some say that it has recruited a lot of small and medium families and sects as their subsidiaries.

But if one day, we have to fight against with Heavenly Mountain Sect, we would not be afraid of them,"

one of the elders answered proudly.

"Oh, I see."

Austin nodded, having a rough idea of the strength of the Heavenly Mountain Sect.

"All right. I'll go with you to join the Martial Arts Meeting of the Brilliant Kingdom,"

Austin decided.

Since the sect leader of the Heavenly Mountain Sect would take some high-level people to the Karakoram Mountain to attend the Martial Arts Meeting, Austin didn't have to go to the Heavenly Mountain to find them.

Tagging along could also help him find the members of the Heavenly Mountain Sect.

He also wanted to take this opportunity to know the overall strength of the martial arts world of the Brilliant Kingdom. Hence, this was a win-win situation for Austin.

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