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   Chapter 3094 Stories About The Divine Temple

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The temple was dilapidated. Years of neglect left the temple in tatters, anyone who'd want to repair it was hindered by the remote location until the temple eventually faded from people's memories.

Despite its shabbiness, the temple emitted streams of bright and sacred light that would awe the hearts of anybody who'd see it.

Even Austin felt a great deal of pressure coming from the temple despite being a powerful cultivator. A terrifying force of order filled his senses.

"The law power coming from this temple is overwhelming!"

Austin could only murmur in awe.

Ever since Austin set foot on the Emerald Sect, he crushed everyone, from the ordinary disciples to the most skillful superior elders. No one was an even match for him and he couldn't help but hold some distaste towards the so-called Emerald Sect.

However, he didn't expect to come across a temple that gave off a shocking force despite being dilapidated!

"Young man, this temple has been here long before I could even remember.

According to some of the ancient books our sect keeps, the temple is called the Holy Spirit Divine Temple. This was where the Holy Spirit Immortal taught the rules of nature many years ago in the past,"

one of the superior elders stepped forward to explain.

"The Holy Spirit Immortal? Who's that? A god?"

Austin's face crumpled into pure confusion.

"Yes. Legend says that the Holy Spirit Immortal was a divine god who resided within Mount Emerald during ancient times.

It's said that Emperor Haidar once went up Mount Emerald to pay a visit to the Holy Spirit Immortal and asked for advice on the cultivation of martial arts. The Holy Spirit Immortal tested Emperor Haidar and found him an honest and pious person. So the Holy Spirit Immortal taught him excellent skills and the rules of nature.

It could be said that the Holy Spirit Immortal was one of Emperor Haidar's teachers.

A similar record could be found in other Taoist classics,"

another elder added.

"One of Emperor Haidar's teachers! The Holy Spirit Immortal is that amazing? How powerful is he?"

Austin's eyes went wide with astonishment.

In the eyes of the ordinary people within the Brilliant Kingdom, Emperor Haidar was just a character from legends. But Austin knew that Emperor Haidar really existed and was a cultivator as powerful as a divine god.

This dilapidated temple in front of him belonged to one of Emperor Haidar's teachers! Unbelievable!

Austin released his spiritual sense and carefully scanned through every inch of the temple and left nothing untouched.

Nothing caught his attention until his spiritual sense came across a mysterious mark left by the rule of order inside the temple.

To his surprise, he caught a glimpse of a tall figure in the temple. The person wore Taoist robes and was meditating while chanting the words of a holy script

l world!"

one of the superior elder answered.

"Really? That sounds... odd. Is all of that true?"

Austin stared at them in surprise.

"Actually, this phenomenon was recorded in some ancient books before. The divine temples used to be where a divine god preached and since they had disappeared, the divine temples lost their functions and divine power.

It's natural to assume that once they regain their divine power, it would mean that the divine gods will soon returned. Who else would need them except for the gods?

Once the gods come back, this era will soon come to an end and Earth will welcome a prosperous golden age for us cultivators!"

Excitement colored the voice of another superior elder.

"'This era'? What do you mean by that?"

As one of Austin's questions was answered, it just gave birth to more questions.

The shining glow of the divine temple indicated the return of the gods!

Austin had never heard of it before.

Outside Earth, it was widely acknowledged that the gods had left their birthplace and headed to another sacred world called the Gods' Hometown a long time ago.

However, Earth's ancient books recorded that the day when the divine temples glowed once again, all the gods would return!

"Young man, we're talking about this dying era of cultivation civilization. It's recorded in the classics of all sects.

The revived radiance of the divine temples a few months ago caused a stir in the marital world.

All the major sects from ancient times sent representatives to have a meeting and after a discussion, we all believe that Earth will be ushered into a golden age, an age that will belong to cultivators.

That's why we decided to hold a Martial Arts Meeting and invite all the prominent figures in the martial world to discuss important issues about the upcoming future,"

a superior elder said.

"I know,"

Austin nodded in understanding.

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